Small repair shops

ПО для сервисного центра

Network of service centers

Программы для сервисного центра

Other businesses for repair and maintenance

Высокая мода

Высокая мода

Высокая мода

Support at all stages

High-quality introduction

Simple and intuitive interface provides a comfortable start working with the system.

Сonsulting support

We provide free distance learning for working with the system (detailed video courses).

Regular updates

Daily improvement in the accounting system, adding new features, fixing current bugs.

Support and consultation

24 hours 7 days a week support professionals answer all your questions.

We support the start-up business
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* 1 user – up to 30 orders per month


Gincore  a cloud service, available 24 hours a day 

Integration with equipment

Excellent compatibility with trading equipment

Internal security system

Journalizing of user actions with the date

Updates included

Daily work to improve the account system

Daily data backup

Daily data backup automatically

Address storage system

Convenient system of controlling accepted goods

Integration of accounting system with the website

Ready-made widgets for your website

Terms of repair controll

Excluding the human factor

Выберите оптимальный пакет Gincore для ведения складского учета

В каждом пакете — 14 дней бесплатно


$99.99в месяц


$49.99в месяц


$29.99в месяц


$19.99в месяц


USA: San-Francisco 3 Embarcadero Center 94111
+1 415 890-20-72

Russia: Moskow, Ochakovskoe hw. 29, 119530
+7 499 322-76-73

Kazahstan: Almaty, Abay eve., 151/115
+7 727 350-82-12

Ukraine: Kyiv, Lebedeva 4/39a, 023322 
+380 (44) 300-27-10


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