Accounting Software
for Service Centers & Repair Shops

Доступ 24 часа в сутки с любой точки мира

Максимальная автоматизация бизнес процессов

Полноценная бухгалтерия

Круглосуточная техническая поддержка 24/7

CRM Gincore integrates with warehouse and sales equipment

Integration with barcode scanners, POS terminals, thermal printers for printing labels / price tags and much more.

CRM Gincore - a complete set of tools to automate and manage the service center. Cloud program available anywhere in the world.

Автоматизированный модуль закупок

Security and access 24/7

Personal information is stored on foreign countries servers. Every day, the system creates a backup copy of a personal account.

System uses an encrypted SSL connection. Access to the program is possible anywhere in the world 24 hours a day!

Analysing of advertising channels: Traffic, Leads, Conversion

Track the most effective advertising channels and optimize the marketing budget for the next month.

Add new perspective channels to attract potential customers.


Gincore  a cloud service, available 24 hours a day 

Minimum of investments

The first 14 days of using the system are absolutely free

Updates included

Daily work to improve the account system

Daily data backup

Daily data backup automatically

Address storage system

Convenient system of controlling accepted goods

Shopping automation

Analysis of spare parts expense and forecasts for purchases

Terms of repair controll

Excluding the human factor

Guide to parts and equipment

A huge database of models and parts

We support the start-up business
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* 1 user – up to 30 orders per month

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