New interface features, new filter, import, integration with Opencart. Update

New interface features, new filter, import, integration with Opencart, production, sending receipts and invoices to the client by email. And, almost a hundred bug fixes. Read on for details.

Tips for a manager on remote work with subordinates

An effective leader must create a comfortable working environment for his subordinates. They need to be provided with all the resources and set the tasks correctly. When this happens in the office, there are almost no problems, but when the team switches to remote work, it becomes much more difficult to control the situation. You cannot do without additional help and advice in this matter.

Everything you wanted to know about lead generation

For successful business development, it is necessary to engage in customer acquisition. In marketing, the term "lead" is used to denote a potential customer who is interested in a product or service, but has not yet made a purchase. This term is now used not only in the digital field, but also in offline sales.

How to increase sales with marketplaces

Marketplaces are taking over the online sales market today. According to forecasts, in 2022, the volume of trade at these sites will increase by 40%. In general, trading on marketplaces is interesting for buyers and sellers. So that you can increase the sales of your company, explore all the possibilities of these sites and choose one of them for work.

Top 5 problems in business development

It is impossible to build a business without facing problems. As an entrepreneur, you will have ups and downs. If you pay attention to obstacles in time, you can quickly overcome them. Not all difficulties are so obvious, but they can impede the development of your company.

Instructions for finding a target audience

Your business will only be successful if you work with your target audience. First, you need to define it correctly and draw up a portrait of the client. Marketers search for potential buyers using special tools.

KPIs of employees to increase business efficiency

Today in business there are tools for assessing the work of subordinates - key performance indicators (KPIs of employees). Thanks to this system, you can determine the productivity of each employee and increase the motivation of the entire team.

The art of delegating: how to properly distribute work

Many aspiring entrepreneurs take on too many tasks. Grasping at everything at once, it is unlikely that it will be possible to perform all the work with high quality, because one person cannot replace 10 specialists. Due to such a volume of tasks, it is impossible to independently develop a business and bring it to a new level.

How to learn to save money in business

A successful business presupposes the correct distribution of finances. This means that it is necessary to use cost-saving methods where this does not affect quality. This approach will help your business grow and get more profit.

The 80/20 principle for life and business

In time management theories, Pareto's law is of particular importance. It allows you to use your resources correctly, achieving high results in less time. You can apply this law both in business and in your daily life. Using this principle, you can successfully solve many problems and achieve success.

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