(frequently asked questions)

  How to add additional employees?
Before you click "Buy" on the chosen tariff plan, press the up arrow and select the required number of employees (max. two additional employees). Cost - $ 5 per month. In the transition to a different tariff number of additional employees is not tolerated. 

  I have already paid for tariff, how to add more employees?
Proceed now to the appropriate higher tariff, and the rest of paid days recalculated. See the answer on the transition between the tariffs. 

  I want to pay for more than one month. How do I get a discount?
To pay for 12 months and get a 15% discount, click on the "12 months". The price for the month will be converted and there will be the total amount to be paid. The cost of additional employees will also be reduced.

  I have still active paid tariff, how do I go to a higher or lower tariff?  
If you are paid a full day tariff plan, they are recalculated according to the new tariff cost. For example, if you have ten full days of the tariff Start, they will be translated into six days of tariff Workshop.

  In Gincore system has no features that I want, can you add them?
Yes, send us an e-mail or contact with the personal managers. We add functionality requested by users in 90% of cases, in 10% we explain how you can solve your problem using the tools that already implemented. 100% Your task will be solved one way or another.

 Can a tariff change for my subscription?  
No,it can't. The tariff for existing customers at the rate of Start, Workshop, Standard and Pro will not be changed.

 What will happen if I stop paying? 
After completion of the paid tariff plan you will automatically be transferred to the free tariff: 1 user and up to 30 orders. Other employees will be temporarily blocked. To activate all the employees just pay the appropriate tariff.

 Is there a risk of losing my data? 
No there isn't, your data is copied daily and stored on multiple independent servers in different data centers.

 When the tariff plan is activated and how does it work?
The tariff is activated after successful payment and works specified number of months. The month is thirty days. In five, three and one day before the tariff is complete, you will be notified via e-mail. mail and message in the accounting system.

 Is it possible to switch the paid tariff to free one? 

Yes it is, if you are working alone and create up to 30 orders per month, at the end of subscription period the free tariff will be activated.

 Free plan. Limitation.
Using a program at a free plan involves one employee and 30 orders per month.
Also limited access to the logistics module, statistics, integration with the phone (incoming, outgoing, pop-up call cards), sending SMS messages, displaying widgets on your site and the ability to upload documents to the system.

 How can I get support and more information?   
Please contact us via the feedback form, live chat within your accounting system, according to the number in the contact section or click:


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