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In the modern business of device repair shops, there are many subtleties and challenges. At the stage of founding a company, you need to think through everything in advance, especially organizational issues. A maintenance program is perfect for this. However, not all software is designed for a service center.

Now on the market of IT products there are many programs, for example, Remonline, but it is better to choose a professional system tailored for a specific field of activity. Many businessmen use the Gincore software. This is a cloud program, the entrance is carried out remotely from any device, you only need access to the Internet. It suits the main tasks of the workshop:

  • online order processing;
  • client base;
  • catalog;
  • list of suppliers;
  • full-fledged accounting;
  • control over the work of employees;
  • analytics and statistics.

This is not a complete list of Gincore features. Using the program will help you organize work in a repair shop or set up activities in a service center.


Business performance monitoring


Business performance monitoring

Gincore's home page displays all of the company's business metrics. This allows you to track the dynamics of development and the success of your company. Each parameter depends on the work tasks of the employees:

  • Conversion. This item displays the results of calls from customers and completed orders.
  • Average check. It provides indicators of the company's profit.
  • Revenue. This field shows the total amount of profit and data for a certain period.
  • Service work. This list provides data on the number of orders.
  • The work of the masters. The current masters, the amount of work performed, and their productivity are indicated here.
  • Company rating. This parameter is related to customer feedback and shows the success of the workshop.
  • Employee rating. This is a rating of the company's employees, which are rated by customers for the work performed. It reflects the real quality of service.

By looking at the data with business metrics, the workshop manager can track the development of the enterprise and see where the bottlenecks are. Based on this, you can form new tasks for your team. For example, if clients give low marks to your subordinates, you can sort out problem situations personally and determine how such issues can be successfully resolved in the future. Next, you need to work on improving the quality of the company's service and increasing the rating. This will help improve the quality of workshop service, business performance and profit.


What processes can be automated in the workshop

Now it is easy to order a repair service online, contact a workshop, place an application and then bring the device to a service center. To work smoothly, you can use the Gincore maintenance program. Such software helps to automate all work processes:

  • keep track of orders;
  • sell parts and goods;
  • purchase products from suppliers;
  • maintain a customer database;
  • control all transactions;
  • pay salaries to subordinates;
  • prepare reports;
  • keep records in the warehouse;
  • organize the reception of goods;
  • conduct an inventory;
  • control accounting;
  • carry out logistics;
  • use widgets;
  • conduct statistics;
  • fill in product lists;
  • transfer data from old systems;
  • send notifications by mail and SMS;
  • organize a call center;
  • configure different levels of employee access.

These and other features allow you to automate and control the work in the repair shop. The developer regularly maintains the program. The specialists are working on eliminating errors, as well as improving options and interface. According to clients, the software is constantly being updated and adapted to market changes.


Data with business metrics


Benefits of the Gincore program

The Gincore maintenance software is an indispensable tool in a service center and device maintenance workshop. The program is ideal for increasing work efficiency, it has a lot of advantages:

  • remote access to software from any corner of the world where there is Internet;
  • fast registration procedure;
  • availability of a free, fully functional version;
  • online database;
  • processing orders for repair and sale;
  • intuitive interface;
  • round-the-clock support from the developer;
  • integration with other tools (with Google Analytics, telephony providers, retail equipment);
  • free tutorial videos on the YouTube channel;
  • data storage on servers of two countries.

Many workshop owners already use Gincore. They leave feedback on the site and talk about their experiences. If you decide to automate all the processes of your company, then you can register and start using the software. Soon you will streamline your business, increase all indicators and profits without additional costs.


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