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12 february 2020

It is obvious that the main task of any enterprise owner is the flexible and timely adoption of management decisions that take into account the operational situation in the market and follow the strategic course of development of the company. Based on the Pareto principle, the top manager of the company should spend 20% of his time on 80% of small and non-essential matters. And vice versa - 80% of the time for 20% of important matters.

Such a structure allows you to always keep abreast, but sometimes the number of minor troubles is too large to adequately develop the company. The Gincore browser-based accounting software will help you solve this problem.


Gincore saas functionality

You can successfully manage your own business without even leaving your home with this software. Gincore is a quality CRM tool which will help you build relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

In just six months Gincore will increase the company's efficiency and profitability several times. It will do all the heavy calculations on its own. Gincore accounting offers its customers a wide range of functions, which consists of:

  • compiling a sales funnel;
  • tracking advertising channels;
  • motivational system for sales managers;
  • IP telephony integration;
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • automatic payroll system for employees;
  • settlement systems with counterparties;
  • reporting operating and net income and more.


Gincore benefits

Software for maintaining a service center with a customer base often offer rather limited functionality, while ignoring integration with other marketing tools that you have to use.

Gincore guarantees the result in the first months. You can work from any personal device, since the software works by the principle of subscription and can be launched in any browser on a laptop or tablet. Now you can control your business, regardless of your own location.

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Gincore is reasonable and innovative solution for USA, with which you can definitely count on:

  • increase the average bill and the company's profits in general;
  • easy accounting and rediscounting of goods, elimination of constant shortages in warehouses;
  • bringing accounting in full order;
  • increase the level of service using intuitive and automatic program systems.

Even the greatest managers will be able to increase their effectiveness with the Gincore's help. Accounting will definitely save you time and increase the efficiency of all your managerial actions.


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