Top 7 tips to improve marketing effectiveness

6 april 2022

Marketers always have a lot of work to do. All activities need to be streamlined in order to manage advertising channels, communicate with customers, promote products or services. A large amount of work can lead to stress, overwork, loss of concentration, which in the future will lead to mistakes. To be more effective, marketers can use the tips below.


Tip 1: Manage your time

Many employees constantly complain about the lack of time to complete all tasks. In fact, you have enough working hours to complete all tasks successfully. The main problem, why you cannot work efficiently, is mismanagement of time. In time management, you need to rely not on the fact that a standard working day consists of 8 hours, but to allocate time to tasks and measure how many minutes or hours are spent on a specific task.

Various time tracking applications will help you to control tasks. These tools will allow you to free yourself from unnecessary actions. You are doing work, and the application automatically notifies when the time for this task runs out. There are different types of time management applications:

  • web timers;
  • computer;
  • mobile software.

In addition to timing, applications monitor computer activity. Tasks are named by the titles of the documents or applications in which the tasks are performed.

Working with clients, you can create a separate project for each person. In this case, you can calculate how much time is spent on a specific client. Based on this data, reports are generated. Their study will show the efficiency, productivity and efficiency of work.

Estimating the cost of a project, you can understand how much profit it brings. In the future, this allows you to plan your budget correctly. Measuring time, controlling tasks, responsibilities, profits allows marketers to improve their work efficiency. Using time management tools, you can eliminate unnecessary tasks, concentrate on the important things and allocate time correctly.



Tip 2: Use good task management tools

Remote work is relevant today. It is important to use effective tools to ensure that all tasks are completed. Among all possible options, CRM programs are now the most in demand. Such software is used by companies that maintain an ideal organization and control all their projects. The same tool is great for the marketing team as well.

There are many tools on the market today with different functionality. You can study different programs and use one of them. In order for the software to increase your efficiency, it is important to use it correctly, regularly keep track of tasks and time.

CRM systems have such tools:

  • kanban board - for task management. A separate board, filled with tasks, for which responsible performers are assigned, is used for each project. The manager can track the progress of work and check the results;
  • attachments - used to exchange files (documents, images). By using this option, you do not need to open multiple programs to transfer files of different types. In attachments, you can send any photo or document related to a specific task. This saves time and keeps everything in one place;
  • checklists - help to streamline the process and control the execution of tasks. Such lists can be made for each task, breaking it down into several small steps. As a result, you will be able to control the performance of the work by 100%;
  • task prioritization - this option helps you to prioritize tasks. After that, tasks are prioritized, and marketers can perform them according to the degree of importance to the project;
  • progress/process indicator - shows the percentage of completion of the task, it is determined how much more work remains to be done;
  • integration - the ability to connect other tools. The more integrations you can do, the more tools there will be to work with. Now it is more important to connect CRM programs, which will allow you to get a full-fledged software for the implementation of any projects, with the preservation of data on customers, orders, goods, statistics and other information.

Considering different programs and tools, it is worth mentioning the Gantt chart. It demonstrates the project plan, helps to manage it, organize tasks, track progress. Research the task management software market and choose the software that's right for you. Soon, thanks to it, you will increase your marketing productivity.


Tip 3: Take notes

In the work of a marketer, tasks are divided by priority, into short-term and long-term. Some of them take several hours to complete, and some take weeks to complete. To monitor the execution of tasks, keep records of changes, reactions, customers.

In order not to lose data, take notes electronically using special applications in your smartphone or computer. Some softwares have only one option for taking notes, while tools with a large list of functions can save handwritten text and scanned documents. In the programs, it is possible to sort notes by types and projects to which they belong. In fact, this simple tool will help you to significantly increase your productivity.


Tip 4: Conduct Automation

Marketers have many global tasks, such as social media scheduling, mailing, and advertising campaigns. It takes a long time to create and publish quality content. Performing such tasks manually slows down development.

Today it is possible to automate some marketing operations. In addition, process optimization will allow you to get data about site visitors, orders and customers. This will help you focus on important tasks, and the rest will be done thanks to automation software. Such programs allow:

  • receive reports;
  • conduct data analysis;
  • predict results;
  • plan a budget;
  • make investments wisely.


Tip 5: Reduce the time of business negotiations and meetings

At business meetings, key problems, projects are discussed, important decisions are made for the company. However, most of the time of negotiations is occupied by abstract conversations and excuses. Conversations are not always on the topic. Such discussions sometimes drag on for a long time and take up many hours that can be used for other tasks.

It is much better to keep meeting times to a minimum. They are only relevant for urgent matters. Plan meetings in advance, group tasks by topic, try to discuss as many issues as possible at one time. Record the time for each topic, take notes and provide more information so that everyone in the meeting can understand the situation and together you can quickly come to the right decision.


Tip 6: Take breaks

The productivity of marketers will be low if they work a full 8-hour day without rest or breaks. Stress, loss of clear thinking, concentration, attention will worsen the overall result. To avoid this, it is important to take periodic breaks from work. Labor law requires a break of at least 30 minutes if you work 6 hours a day or more. During this time, you can get some fresh air, have lunch or take a nap, if permitted. Research shows that taking breaks during your workday can reduce stress levels.

If you don't know how to properly divide time between work and breaks, use the Pomodoro Technique. Break the time into intervals: after completing the task (about 25 minutes each), take a short break. This organization of time helps to streamline the daily routine and develop the right habits. The Pomodoro Technique will allow you to focus on important tasks during your work interval. This approach will increase the efficiency of your work.



Tip 7: Pause notifications

Notifications from social networks and apps are constantly coming in, which can be distracting and slow down your work. Interrupting for alerts, you may lose the thought and forget what task you were doing. To avoid this, turn off notifications temporarily. Also, don't be distracted by apps and messages that aren't work-related. Check your personal social media only during breaks. Your life will not suffer from this.


What tools will help you increase marketing effectiveness?

As you can see the 7 tips for increasing marketing effectiveness are very simple and practical. Try to implement them in your work if you have a company with subordinates or even if you work as a freelancer.

Now the best solution for time control and work automation is the Gincore CRM program. This software has full functionality that keeps track of customers, orders, sales, allows you to create tasks, conduct analytics, and also integrates with telephony, Telegram, SMS messaging, Google Analytics.

The program will allow you to carry out any projects, control the tasks of employees and build long-term relationships with clients. All of this will improve your marketing effectiveness and help you significantly increase your bottom line. To take advantage of these opportunities, register on the site and get to work right now.


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