Workplace of an engineer - a technician for the repair of laptops and phones

29 december 2020

In this article we will tell you in more detail what the engineer's workplace consists of, all the necessary equipment, raw materials and tools. It should be noted that the workplace of a cell phone repair engineer and a laptop repair engineer has significant differences, both in the technical base and in consumables and tools.



Workplace of a cell phone repairer

  • The workplace must be well lit, so at least two powerful light sources are needed. For example, table lamps and stationary lighting. It is advisable to use energy-saving light bulbs with a glow temperature of 4000 K, that is, as close as possible to daylight.
  • Microscope. The ideal combat microscope tested by practice and time is MBS-10. For a laptop repairman, you will need to additionally buy an elbow tripod, since laptop boards are large enough and do not fit on a standard microscope stage.
  • Soldering Station. It is recommended to purchase reliable and inexpensive soldering stations from Lukey.
  • Power Supply. Any simplest and cheapest regulated power supply will suffice.
  • Multimeter. There are also no special features here. An ordinary digital multimeter is fine. Better not to use cheap Chinese ones.
  • Ultrasonic bath. It is necessary for cleaning printed circuit boards from contamination. For a mobile phone repairman, a half liter bath will be enough.
  • Separator. Needed for layering display modules where touch glass and LCD are glued together. Glass replacement cannot be performed separately without this unit.
  • UV lamp. It participates in the process of gluing displays. The glue is drying under it. Any lamp will do, even from a beauty parlor that dries nail polish. But it is important to remember: the more powerful the lamp, the faster the glue dries.
  • Hair dryer holder. In fact, it performs the function of a third hand, which is so often lacking.
  • Holder for boards. The purpose of this device is clear and so, there is nothing to add here.
  • Consumables: glue remover, flux, alloy solder, ordinary scotch tape, double-sided scotch tape and sealant.
  • Tools: a set of screwdrivers, scalpels, tweezers and scissors, pliers and plectrums.



Workplace of a laptop repairman

  • Infrared Soldering Station. It is necessary for replacing BG and SMD elements on motherboards of laptops, game consoles, etc. There are a huge number of infrared stations. Many engineers assemble them themselves for the sake of economy.
  • Hot air soldering station. From the Lukey company.
  • Digital soldering station. It allows you to work with refractory lead-free and lead solders.
  • Ultrasonic bath. With a capacity of 5 liters. For cleaning laptop motherboards, game consoles, etc.
  • Digital oscilloscope. Used by engineers to measure the amplitude of a signal, frequency, phase shift, and anything else that helps to understand the processes occurring in an electrical circuit.
  • An ordinary digital multimeter.
  • Laboratory two-channel adjustable switching power supply.
  • Microscope. As well as for a cell phone repairman, the MBS-10 microscope will be an ideal solution for a combination of price and quality. The only caveat is the large dimensions of laptop motherboards. Therefore, it is worth buying an elbow tripod for the microscope, which will allow you to move it over the entire plane of the board, even without removing it with a latch.
  • Programmer + keyboard tester. Allows you to flash matrices, test keyboards offline, flash a controller and much more.
  • Post cards will be needed to diagnose laptop motherboards.


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