Software for accounting in grooming salon

21 august 2017

The owners of most grooming salons and their employees spend a lot of time on keeping accounting and inventory records on paper, writing down customer data in a notebook, on stickers, etc.

Obviously, it is impossible to keep such a volume of information in your head, especially if the salon is visited. Specialized software for accounting in the grooming salon come to the rescue in the modern world.
Software for grooming salons will help consolidate all the information about business processes in one place, help to generate reports and coordinate working schedules. It can also notify employees and customers about different events via SMS or email. The answer to the question, which program for the grooming salon to choose, you will learn from this article.



What software solutions for grooming salons are on the market?

The software for accounting in the grooming salon should have specialized functions and meet the modern requirements of small business.

It means: the ability to keep a full account of equipment and supplies for work, financial accounting, send messages to customers about discounts and promotions, and of course, to be simple in daily use.

There are only a few programs to automate the grooming salon in the IT market. But only one of them meets all of the above requirements, it's about Gincore.


Gincore Features

1. Notifications of customers by SMS

2. Building tasks for employees

3. Accounting

4. Integration with Google Analytics

5. Built-in CRM

6. Accounting of orders

7. Trading

8. Warehouse accounting with the possibility of inventory + address storage system

9. Logistics for grooming salon networks

10. KPI for employees

11. The log of delays

12. Monitoring the timing of tasks

13. Integration with telephony

14. Statistics and analytics

15. Access settings for employees


Program benefits. Why Gincore?

1. Fast: the program works through a browser, you only need access to the Internet for work.

2. Easy: you can learn the program yourself, without involving third-party help, using the YouTube channel, it will save not only money but also time.

3. Convenient: you can log in from anywhere in the world 24/7, using any device with Internet access.

4. Safe: your information is stored on different servers of two countries of the world. Also, backup copies of your system are created daily - this allows you to completely forget about the possibility of data loss.

5. Profitable: low, in comparison with competitors, subscription prices allow you to thrive your business, and there is also a free version for beginning entrepreneurs.



User Reviews

Valeriya Borovskaya, “PetGroom” :  We use the software for more than 2 years.

The system is quite flexible, we use it not only for keeping records in the grooming salon, but also for other areas of business. The active development of the system is encouraging, a lot has been done in 2 years, although we took some updates negatively :)

It is important that developers quickly answer questions and listen to our remarks.


Where to begin?

To start automation of your grooming salon, you need to go to the registration page by clicking on the “Try it now” button, after filling out the questionnaire you can work in the system.


Try it now


Answers to any questions on the use of the program you can find on our YouTube-channel.  

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