Software for accounting in a cleaning company

20 august 2017

Sooner or later each cleaning company faces the need to keep records of its orders, customer base, warehouse balances, mutual settlements with customers, and, in general, automation of all business processes.

Since with the growth of the volume of orders, without a single information system, business is beginning to turn into chaos. At a certain stage, the entrepreneur faces the problem of choosing a program to automate the cleaning company and it is this uneasy choice that will be discussed in this article.  



What software solutions for cleaning companies are on the market?

There are only a few specialized accounting systems for companies engaged in cleaning, of which only one program that meets modern business requirements.

What do we mean by modern requirements: easy intuitive design, does not require the installation of staff computers, purchase licenses, integrates with online analytics tools, telephony, sms providers, is regularly updated, has round the clock online support in the built-in chat.  

Most likely, after the above requirements, many realized that it was a program for cleaning companies Gincore.


Gincore Features

  1. Accounting orders
  2. Trade
  3. Warehouse accounting
  4. Inventory
  5. Address storage system
  6. Accounting
  7. Sending SMS
  8. Integration with telephony
  9. Integration with Google Analytics
  10. CRM
  11. Statistics and analytics
  12. Integration with warehousing and trading equipment.
  13. Designer of printed documents.
  14. Systems for monitoring the timing of orders.
  15. KPI for employees
  16. Logistics


Program benefits. Why Gincore?

1. Fast: registration takes 3 minutes and you can work. There is no need to install the program on employees machines;

2. Easy: no need to spend time and money on training, tutorials and answers. There are all infotmation available on our youtube-channel;

3. Convenient: transfer all data from the old accounting system can be done in a few hours: orders, warehouse balances, commodity nomenclature, customer base;

4. Safe: The database is stored simultaneously on two servers located in different countries. You configure the level of access for your employees.

5. Profitable: if you are just starting a business, use a full-featured free version that includes order accounting, bookkeeping, warehouse, trade, CRM and analytics.



User Reviews

Andrey Lavrukhin, “Mr. Chister”: a convenient and easy-to-use program that allows me to lead a warehouse and orders, and calculate salaries for employees. The main reason why I moved to Gincore is the built-in CRM system, where I see all the customers who ordered our services, who stopped ordering or began to address less often.


Where to begin?

You can start using the program right now and absolutely free. To do this, click below the “Try it now”, fill in a short questionnaire and you are already in the system.


Try it now


All training videos on working with the program are on our youtube channel , You do not have to train the staff yourself. Also in the program there is a free online chat where at any time our support specialists will answer all your questions.

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