How well-structured logistics will increase the efficiency of your business

5 august 2021

A store, service center, workshop, or warehouse may have a logistics department or employees who perform logistics tasks. This applies to moving goods, delivering orders to customers and receiving parts from suppliers.

To effectively optimize the work of any enterprise, you need to have a clear logistics scheme. You do not need to come up with something yourself, because you can use special programs to organize the process. To get started, you can familiarize yourself with general logistics questions.


What is logistics?

Logistics is a set of organizational, production, technological processes aimed at the movement of material and financial resources of the company, also includes planning, management and control of resource flows. Among the main logistics processes, the following can be distinguished:

  • purchases of goods, spare parts, equipment;
  • transportation of resources;
  • delivery of goods and repaired devices;
  • storage of resources in a warehouse, in a store;
  • sale of products;
  • optimization of enterprise services.

Any company has standard and unique logistics processes, depending on the field of activity. It is necessary to organize the work, taking into account all aspects of the enterprise.


Main logistics questions


Why is it necessary to properly build a logistics chain in a company?

At each enterprise, logistics is carried out using the construction of chains. They vary in length and purpose. Different links in the chain interact in the cash, information and material flows of the company. The rhythm and efficiency of the work of not only one department, but the entire enterprise as a whole depends on their rational construction. It also affects the speed of completing tasks, processing customer orders, and delivering goods. Correct construction of chains is necessary for the automation of all work processes and the successful development of the company.


How to conduct logistics correctly?

Logistics management depends on the field of activity, features and work tasks of the company. To start the logistics or improve it, you need to follow these steps:

Determine all the tasks that the logistics must perform.

Study how it is organized in other companies, use ready-made cases with adaptation to your enterprise.

  • Develop an action plan, namely how to build chains for a specific task.
  • Stabilize the development strategy and action plan.
  • Monitor the results of work and calculations.
  • Analyze all logistics processes.
  • Adjust the plan if necessary.

To conduct logistics correctly, you need to develop instructions in advance for all tasks: how to order goods and parts from suppliers, how to deliver orders, move resources between warehouses, to a store or a point of issue, how to ensure storage of enterprise resources, how to organize the sale of goods and processing of customer orders. All employees of the enterprise must act in accordance with the instructions of the company.

In order to successfully manage logistics it is best to use the program. Among the many offers, you will find a professional solution - Gincore. The program has a separate module on logistics. It has everything you need to build chains and organize all workflows. You can see the main questions on Gincore logistics.


What is a supply chain?

Supply chains can be created in the Gincore program. They are similar to route sheets, showing where to pick up and where to deliver goods or spare parts. With their help, you can start certain tasks, for example, move items between warehouses, and deliver an order to a customer or to a store.


Main logistics problems


How does the supply chain work, how to set it up?

To set up a chain in the logistics module, you need to select the point of departure, logistics (courier) and the point of destination through the "Warehouses" section. Next, you can print stickers for locations. Once created, all chains are saved in the system and can be used at any time. When the order enters the basket, a delivery request appears automatically. Once it is formed, the courier is notified of a new application for the movement.


Why is the complete supply chain not displayed to the employee, but it is displayed to me?

Information about full chains is visible only to those employees who have access to the role settings in the program. The courier cannot see the complete chain without access. He receives in the notification information about the points of departure and destination, which is enough to deliver the order.


What is a logistics warehouse for? How can I delete it? I did not create it

All material resources of the company are stored in one or more warehouses. This tool allows you to organize all goods, spare parts, devices, equipment, ensure their correct storage, and, if necessary, quickly find them. The logistics warehouse is already in the Gincore program. It cannot be changed or deleted. In the future, you can connect locations.

Using the Gincore program, you get functionality that will help you organize logistics for any enterprise. This software allows you to easily build supply chains and start the process of moving orders without additional calls, meetings and instructions to employees.


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