What growth indicators can be studied using the Gincore program

4 april 2022

For the successful development of your company, automate work using the specialized software Gincore. This program will help you not only establish workflows, but also track performance indicators. To analyze the enterprise, it is important to study all business indicators and work results:

  • number of clients;
  • calls;
  • orders;
  • sales volumes;
  • conversion;
  • rating of employees;
  • the company's profit.

By studying this data, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy in order to further improve it.



Correct cost allocation

When adjusting the company's strategy, you need to properly allocate costs. Perhaps some items of expenditure are too costly, so they can be reduced and funds redirected to other needs.

In any business, there are four main areas where finances are spent:

  • advertising;
  • payment for the work of employees;
  • procurement of goods;
  • ensuring the viability of an office, shop, warehouse, workshop.

Redistribution of finances will accelerate the growth of your company and increase profits. To understand how to adjust costs, study these metrics using the Gincore maintenance software.


Analysis of advertising costs

The effectiveness of advertising depends on many factors:

  • advertising platform;
  • target audience;
  • allocated budget;
  • tools;
  • the quality of the advertising message.

To identify effective advertising promotion tools, you need to analyze the results of each ad campaign. After registering in Gincore and entering the data, go to the "More/Settings" section, where there is a list of advertising channels. Connect them to receive data and analyze statistics. The program contains a huge list of parameters by which you can compare advertising sources.

As soon as you plan to launch a new advertisement, create a campaign in the CRM system, indicating its cost and settings (site, target audience, geolocation). After showing it, you can see how many customers and orders have come to determine the effectiveness of this ad.

By studying statistics for several campaigns, you will see which methods, tools, settings work best in your niche, which helps to increase customers and purchases. With this understanding, the next time you will design the most successful ad with the right budget. The savings can be spent on new advertising and other costs.


Determining employee performance

To determine the effectiveness of your employees, you need to analyze how your team is performing. Compare the volume of sales, tasks with the number of subordinates and what kind of work they do. To do this, set up a salary module in Gincore. It is unique in that you can calculate the pay for each employee individually:

  • indicate the salary;
  • percentage of sales of basic goods;
  • bonuses for the sale of related products and services;
  • cash premiums.

Each factor affecting wages is calculated using different formulas. Initially, in the employee's card, indicate the parameters from which the remuneration is calculated. You can configure that all employees see the salaries of the whole team. This will increase competition and motivate you to work better in order to increase your salary. For example, in a store, sellers will seek to increase sales of essential and related products. However, in some cases, you can hide the payroll report. This is relevant when payment for work does not depend on sales and orders.


Costs of purchasing goods

The cost of purchasing goods is one of the significant items of your company's expenses. Your sales, profits and company development depend on the quality and quantity of the assortment. If you have a service center for the repair of equipment with a parallel sale of goods, then you can divide the warehouse into two parts: for spare parts and for products for sale.

In the Gincore system, you will analyze all products in order to understand how to build work in the future. In the reports, you will receive the following data:

  • the number of sales for a certain period of time;
  • goods that are bought more often;
  • analysis of categories;
  • identification of goods that have been in stock for a very long time;
  • products that are more often returned for repair;
  • price analysis;
  • profitability of categories and products.

Reports will help you study customer demand for products and increase the number of popular products. Those items that are not of interest to buyers can be excluded from the procurement list. When there are leftovers in the warehouse that you need to get rid of, then you can sell them for a promotion or return them to suppliers if it meets the terms of cooperation.

Working with suppliers is essential. If you find in the reports that goods from a particular partner are of inferior quality, more often they return for replacement or repair, then you can refuse such goods and look for a new supplier. If you work with a reliable partner for a long time, you can try to update the terms. For example, ask for a discount, because you make a large turnover for this supplier and you can count on improving conditions.



Office provision

To make your company develop and your employees feel comfortable working, create decent working conditions for them. Allocate a certain amount of expenses to ensure the viability of the office:

  • payment for the lease of the premises;
  • purchase of equipment and furniture;
  • purchase of consumables;
  • decoration of a store, shop window, point of receipt/issue of orders.

Some of these expenses will be one-time, and some need to be spent regularly. All this will create optimal working conditions. For example, if you expand the range of services and plan to repair more categories and models of devices, then for new works you need to purchase additional equipment. It is not necessary to buy new equipment, because good devices can also be found on the secondary market. It is important to analyze the activities of the team, identify new needs and understand what tools can improve the quality of work and speed up the processing of orders. This will positively affect the operation of the entire service.


Analysis of all indicators

With the cloud-based Gincore program, you can analyze all cost metrics. This will show you the dynamics of the enterprise development, problems and growth vectors. You will understand in which direction you should develop, how and what to save on, and on what expenses to increase the budget. With the right distribution of finances, your company will be able to grow faster, and you will increase profits and improve the quality of service.


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