Spare parts accounting. Automation of warehouse

23 july 2017

Every day thousands of people turn to the workshops with various breakdowns, ranging from a malfunctioning laptop and ending with the repair of cars and trucks...

 In order to quality serve such a large number of clients, the workshops use various modern programs for

warehouse automation,

order management, procurement planning, etc. After all, it's incredibly difficult to keep accounting, customer base, orders and warehouse records in a service center without a single management system for all the company's business processes. And often entrepreneurs ask themselves the question: “Which program to choose for their workshop?”. In today's article, we will try to provide the reader with a detailed answer.



What programs for warehouse accounting of parts are on the market?

Today there are a lot of programs on the market that

simplify the accounting of parts,

ut only a few of them meet basic requirements, such as

Warehouse Management

In workshop. The developers of most such software solutions created them not for their own use, but for sale. That is, the programmers themselves do not work in the program and do not participate directly in the business processes of the workshop, but simply write the code without knowing the small details that are very important in the conditions of practical application. Such software is written for the sale and its task to be not the most convenient for the average employee service center and have usability, but attractive “acceptable” for implementation.

Although there are exceptions to the market, several programs in which have collected all the wishes of customers and took into account the small details. Moreover, its developers are very loyal and positive about new proposals and comments, which allows the program to improve with each passing day. One such solution is the program for warehouse management in the workshop - Gincore.


Gincore Features

1. Warehouse accounting

1.1. Inventory

1.2. Address storage system

2. Accounting of orders

3. Sales

4. Full accounting

5. Informing customers by SMS

6. Integration with Google Analytics

7. Integration with any telephony provider

8. CRM

9. Logistics

10. Statistics and analytics

11. Integration with warehousing and trading equipment

12. The document designer for printing

13. Time control system

14. KPI for employees


Program benefits. Why Gincore?

1. Fast: after registration, you can immediately begin to automate the business. The program is cloud-based, so forget about the complex settings on local computers;

2. Easy:  staff training does not take much time, because for each function there is a training video on our youtube channel;

3. Convenient: you can import data from the old accounting system: warehouse balances, commodity nomenclature, customer base, orders;

4. Safe: all your data is stored on secure servers in two countries, which allows you not to worry about the security of information. The level of access for employees you configure yourself;

5. Profitable: for beginners there is a free version of the program, which is not limited in functionality.



User Reviews

Konstantin Sanin, “Edelweiss”; :  For 3 years we worked in a self-written program that did not meet all our requirements. In the summer we ran into Gincore and were very surprised to have finished online solution. The program allowed to automate

parts accounting

on 100%. Very grateful to the developers.


Where to begin?

I advise you to see for yourself how much the program can simplify the management of your business by simply clicking on the “Try it now” button.


Try it now


By the way, all the training materials on the use of the program for the accounting of parts are freely available on our youtube-channel .



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