Warranty repairs in Gincore

20 august 2021

Service centers often have two areas of work. The first is the repair of devices that customers bring for service. The second is the sale of goods and spare parts. In both cases, the devices may fail and a warranty repair will be required.

If you plan to use the maintenance program in a service center, then such software should have tools for servicing warranty repairs. This functionality is available in the Gincore program. It contains the main types of repairs and, if necessary, you can add new ones.


The main types of warranty repairs


Types of warranty repairs

Service center owners who use Gincore can set up several types of repairs in the program. In the "More" module, select the "Settings" section and work in the "Type of repair order" option. The software contains paid, warranty repairs, revision and others.

The main types of warranty repairs in the program:

  • Repairs from the manufacturer. In this case, the authorized service center must have a contract with the manufacturer, where, in addition to the basic conditions, the repair of equipment that is sold in the service center is negotiated. If the client has purchased the device, but during the warranty period it has failed, then he can contact the service and bring it for repair. Then the company that produces the devices is obliged to provide replacement parts and cover the cost of repairs.
  • Repair at the expense of the service center. When the client contacted the SC, but the equipment broke down again during the warranty period, you can contact the service again. In this situation, the repair is paid by the service center.
  • Repair of purchased devices. If the client has purchased new device in the SC, and it is out of order, it can be handed over for warranty repair. Service employees conduct diagnostics themselves, purchase parts and repair devices. These costs are paid by the SC..
  • Partner repairs. In the Gincore functionality, you can set up partner repairs. If the client brought the device, and none of the service center employees can serve the order, then he is redirected to another specialist. It can be an outsourced engineer or another SC. This option is practiced when repair of a rare model is required, a complex restoration of the device is required, an unclaimed type of work, or when there are no suitable specialists for this type of repair in the center. In such a situation, the client pays for the repair, and the SC transfers the payment to the partner for the service performed.


Features of repair under a contract with a vendor

Many service centers have contracts with vendors for the sale of equipment. If the device purchased by the client breaks down during the warranty period, then he can bring the product to the SC and hand it over for revision. In this case, the repair costs are covered by the manufacturer - the amount is written off against the vendor's debt, which is also displayed in the reports on partner orders.

Previously, in Gincore, a customer's order with faulty device was tied to a specific vendor with whom a contract was signed. If one client had several orders from different manufacturers, it could not be linked to all counterparties. Now the software has gone through a series of updates, so that the customer no longer needs to be tied to the supplier. Now debt cancellation is carried out automatically to the vendor's account. The system determines who exactly to transfer this debt through the type of repair.

For the option to automatically write off the debt to the counterparty to work, you need to configure it. In the "More" module in the settings, select "Type of repair order" and create a new type. In the title you need to specify the word "warranty" and add the brand name. For example, "Warranty Samsung". Here you can link the type of repair to a specific vendor.

When a new order for warranty repairs is received, accepting payment, you can tick the box “Write off from the balance of the guarantor counterparty”. In this situation, the program indicates the amount against the manufacturer's debt. If you need to check payments for one of the suppliers, then in the accounting menu you can track transactions in the "Contractors" subsection by ticking the box on a specific vendor. Based on this data, the program generates a report containing all the data.


Linking the counterparty to warranty repair order


How to edit the warranty repair menu

In Gincore, it is possible to manage the types of repairs. In the "Type of repair order" option, click the edit button to the left of the list of existing repairs. Then a window with a description will open, where you can make edits. If one of the types is not already used, it can be easily removed by clicking the cross on the side of the list. When the service center needs a new type of warranty repair, in the program of the corresponding section, you can click the "Add" button, enter the name and type of repair.

The Gincore program is ideal for service center maintenance. In particular, there is functionality for setting up different types of warranty repairs. They can be created, edited, deleted. It is also possible to carry out partner repairs and service orders by counterparties under the contract. The software covers all issues of repair orders processing in the SC.


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