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27 july 2021

Whatever goods or services a company supplies, there is always a huge amount of information in it. Previously, on a computer, you had to have a lot of documents, tables, images, graphs, electronic presentations. Various programs were also used, but it was not always universal software. In the event of system failure, power outage or PC freeze, some of the data or all of the information could disappear without a trace. Things are easier today because there are cloud solutions that make many tasks easier.

What is Saas System

The best solution for doing business is to use Saas (software as a service), that is, software is provided as a service. After studying the market of IT products and choosing the right software, the head of the company registers on the website of this cloud program, pays for a monthly subscription and enjoys all the benefits of this software with constant support from the developer. All Saas systems work on the principle of Google Drive: you can log into your account over the Internet through any device (tablet, smartphone, computer) by entering your profile data. It is possible to view data, make changes and work with documents at any convenient time. The manager can connect his subordinates to the system and set the level of access to information for them himself. So Saas is a cloud of information storage, a mechanism for organizing a workflow, a tool for monitoring all tasks and work of employees.

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In what areas is Saas used?

Now it is difficult to imagine a field of activity where accounting of information, orders, goods, services, customers, etc. is not required. In fact, Saas is used in any area:


  • for offline and online stores;
  • different institutions (clinics, beauty salons, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hostels);
  • organizations (travel agencies, event agencies, IT companies);
  • education (courses, webinars, master classes, meetings);
  • service centers;
  • specialist services (photographers, designers, musicians, animators, presenters, hairdressers, masseurs);
  • logistics companies;
  • rental services (transport, real estate, equipment, props).


It is especially important to use the software for accounting in a service center. Modern product is not only a program for accounting information, orders, but also a call center, software for organizing sales, sending orders to suppliers, collecting statistics and analytics, monitoring the work of subordinates, etc.


How to choose the best Saas program

Studying the variety of Saas, you can see software of different levels of complexity. Some products are designed only for specific tasks, but it is difficult to find universal software. To understand whether a program is right for you or not, it is important to test it. Some developers offer a free trial to learn all the features of the cloud software in practice and then decide on a permanent subscription.

The leading position among modern Saas for services is occupied by the Gincore program. It is perfect for servicing SC and any kind of information accounting. The developers have created truly universal software that can be adapted to any area of ​​service provision and the sale of goods, to automate all business processes from "A" to "Z". Gincore is in the top 10 of the 2021 Saas ranking and is used by companies around the world.

Gincore Benefits

Gincore is cloud-based software for accounting in a service center, a professional solution. The capabilities of the program are used by companies all over the world, taking all the advantages of the software:

  • storing information in one place;
  • no need to install plugins or buy licenses;
  • the cloud program does not take up space on the PC;
  • remote access from anywhere in the world;
  • convenient and intuitive program interface;
  • the software can be used by the manager and his subordinates;
  • Gincore speeds up order processing and service center operations;
  • technical support is included in the subscription price;
  • regular software updates and development of new functions;
  • reducing the cost of organizing a business.


According to business owners of various industries, Gincore is the best choice for accounting in 2021. By visiting the software developer's website, you will find a lot of comments and thanks from customers who regularly use the program. If you are looking for a product for your service center, register on the site, click on the "Try for free" button and use the software for your business. Alternatively, you can check out the tutorial videos on the YouTube channel. Soon, Gincore will help you organize your work, put things in order and increase your sales.


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