How to save an engineer time in a service center

31 august 2021

Order processing in service centers is divided into several stages. The main work, namely the repair of devices, is carried out by engineers. Specialists carry out repairs of devices of various manufacturers, models and level of complexity. Since new models are constantly appearing on the market, engineers must track all changes and improve their skills, studying new devices, their technical stuffing, and features.


The main duties of an engineer


The main duties of an engineer in the SC

Among the main responsibilities of the service center engineers are the following:

  • diagnostics of the device for repair;
  • identification of technical problems and what repairs need to be performed;
  • selection of spare parts;
  • control of consumables and correct use of equipment;
  • repairs of varying complexity;
  • use of work programs;
  • comprehensive customer service;
  • completion of the revision;
  • maintaining a good reputation of the company;
  • preparation of reports;
  • development of proposals for improving the service;
  • compliance with safety regulations;
  • polite attitude towards clients;
  • training.

Additional responsibilities of engineers are assigned by the head of the service, depending on the specifics, features of the company, the service sector of devices.


What difficulties arise in the work of an engineer

The job of an engineer in a service center is varied and sometimes unpredictable. The number of work volumes may differ on different days, depending on the number of orders. It is important to distribute requests evenly and prioritize each task. When an engineer has a lot of work, then without the maintenance program, you can forget about some orders or skip deadlines.

Sometimes the service center receives devices that need spare parts to repair. During the diagnosis, the specialist determines which parts need to be installed. However, he does not always know what spare parts are in stock and what needs to be ordered from the supplier.

Another problem is complex repairs. Sometimes there are technical breakdowns that the engineer has not encountered before. In this case, you need to find information about the specifics of the repair, select materials and develop an algorithm. All developments should be saved for the future. To keep abreast of device updates and features of its maintenance, a specialist must regularly improve his qualifications, study the market, and track new items.

These and other problems in the work of a service engineer cannot be solved without a professional program. The software should contain all types of maintenance, a list of customers, orders, have options for communicating with the warehouse and suppliers, control the timing of work. One of the best solutions is to use the specialized cloud program Gincore.


Features of engineer work


Features of engineer work in the Gincore program

Gincore is not just a program for a service center, but a complex solution to the problems of any company. In addition to the main functions, it allows you to save time for engineers in the SC.

The software can be used by different employees of the company. Everyone has their own level of access, in accordance with the position and role that the manager assigns. The engineer has a personal account with the following tabs:

  • Log. It indicates the time at which clients are registered and free hours. Orders are indicated in red, clicking on which will open an application card with all the information.
  • Work schedule. Here you need to specify the working days of the week and time. The calendar below marks employee holidays and vacations. Clients will see free time for which they can register.
  • Services. In this section, it is necessary to mark those categories of devices that the engineer serves and indicate all types of work. In the list of unprocessed devices, tick the categories that the specialist does not work with.

Thanks to the Gincore program, all work tasks of the engineer are accelerated and time is saved. The software helps to cope with the following work:

  • the engineer receives a notification of a new application, he can open the order card in his personal account to get acquainted with all the information;
  • all terms of work and changes are controlled by the system;
  • if something needs to be clarified, the engineer can contact the client, colleagues, suppliers, depending on the situation;
  • in the program, you can check the status of the repair, add comments, clarify the details with the manager who accepted the order;
  • in the system it is possible to see the availability of spare parts for a specific model and order their delivery;
  • if the required parts are not in stock, they can be ordered from the supplier.

These and other tasks are performed through the program, which makes it easier for the engineer. Now using Gincore, employees will be able to handle the repair of all devices on time. The terms of work will be reduced, which means that the engineer will have time to process more orders, respectively, the profit will increase in the company. The software not only helps to automate all work, but also to improve all the business metrics of the enterprise.


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