A program for increasing efficiency in the watch workshop

21 august 2017

To create any business, you need to prepare well and solve a lot of issues. The most important direction of the service center or any repair shop is maintenance of:

  • clients;
  • orders;
  • suppliers;
  • finance;
  • spare parts;
  • documents;
  • goods and so on.

The worst option is to keep records manually in notebooks or journals. It is impossible to build a serious business with such an approach. You can always make a mistake, miss an order, confuse a phone number, or fail to find the information you need. In addition, handwritten notes will make it difficult for you to transfer data to subordinates and assign tasks to them. This complicates and slows down the work of the company as a whole.

Some entrepreneurs keep their records on computers in Word and Excel files. However, for many companies, this approach does not make things faster. Computer programs are not capable of solving all the problems of modern business. They don't have enough features.

Now in the modern IT-technologies market there are many new products that meet the needs of enterprises in various fields. For a watchmaker, you can use one of the popular maintenance programs. Such software will not only put all your affairs in order, but will allow you to optimize your work and increase all business metrics.



Modern programs for watch workshops

A watchmaker needs specialized maintenance software. There are many programs in the IT market now, but mostly they have only standard functions that are not adapted to the needs of a particular area. When choosing a workshop program, keep in mind that it must meet the following criteria:

  • clear and simple interface;
  • backup data storage;
  • all types of maintenance;
  • connection of devices and programs for analytics;
  • technical support from developers.

If you choose the wrong program for business, the development of the company will be slow. If the software does not contribute to the promotion of the company, it only brings harm to the business.

Many entrepreneurs from all over the world use the Gincore browser software. It is ideally suited to the needs of the watchmaker. Using this software, you can not only solve all the problems, but also increase profits and accelerate the development of your business.


Functionality of the Gincore program

The Gincore program has full functionality. Let's take a look at its main features:

  • CRM is effective business management software. It helps to increase profits, speed up work and process customer requests.
  • Accounting. The program connects cash desks, counterparties, controls all financial transactions, prepares all types of reports. Thanks to the automation of the system, human errors are excluded.
  • Address storage system for goods and spare parts allows you to put things in order in the warehouse and organize products.
  • Logistics. This option helps to competently organize the movement of spare parts and orders.
  • Access level. The head of the company sets a role for each employee in the system and determines the level of access to information.
  • Orders. There are repair and sales orders in this module. When it comes to trading, there are opportunities for offline and online stores.
  • Statistics and analytics. By connecting to Google Analytics, you can run advertising campaigns and track their results.
  • An IP telephony connection allows you to call customers and suppliers directly through the program.
  • SMS notifications. Such notifications can be sent to clients and subordinates.
  • Email notifications. Messages to employees can be sent to mail from the program.
  • Control of work. In Gincore, you can control the timing of orders, their statuses, movements, thereby checking the work of subordinates, to exclude delays in orders.
  • Key business metrics. The main page displays the rating of employees and companies, revenue, conversion, which allows you to see the results of the enterprise.


Reasons for choosing Gincore software

Many businessmen have already chosen Gincore because the program has the following advantages:

  • the software is convenient and easy to use, you can work with it through any device from any country in the world where there is Internet;
  • you can quickly master the program after a two-minute registration, without installing additional plugins and licenses;
  • all updates and training videos are regularly posted on the YouTube channel;
  • setting up access levels for employees ensures information security;
  • in the beginning, you can use the free version, get training and get 24/7 developer support.



User feedback

Irina Dobrovolskaya, TimeS: “We took this program because of the ability to send SMS and set the rights of storekeepers and masters, as we faced fraud on the part of employees. Very easy to use, relevant from the side of finance accounting and printing documents. Satisfied!!! Thanks to the developers. Keep it up".


How to start working in Gincore

Click on the "Try for free" button on the website and fill in the registration form. Then enter basic company information, register your employees, watch YouTube videos, and start automating your watch workshop. Soon you will increase work efficiency and your profits.


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