Study of business processes to improve the efficiency of the company

30 mart 2022

Any business is built on mandatory components that interact with each other. When the performance of one of the elements deteriorates, this negatively affects the overall result. For your business to develop steadily, it is important for you to control all processes. For effective work, you need to study all business processes and build a strategy that will contribute to the growth of all indicators.


Definition of business processes

Business processes (BP) are indicators of the growth of any company that are measured in specific units. Their value reflects the real picture of the work of the enterprise. Common business processes:

  • the number of applications;
  • incoming calls from clients;
  • visiting offline points;
  • the company's revenue;
  • rating of employees;
  • the number of online orders.

These processes are the result of the fulfillment of tasks that are set for employees, leading to the implementation of the company's goals. Among all business processes, there are unique and permanent ones. For example, the permanent include the sale of goods and the order of services, and the unique – the development and promotion of the site.



Classification of business processes

All business processes can be divided into types, but their number depends on the size of the enterprise. In particular, for large corporations, specialists use 6 types of BP, and for medium and small businesses, 4 will be enough. Let's consider the main four categories of business processes that are important for any field of activity:

  • Main group. It includes BP for analyzing the production of goods and the provision of services (number of products manufactured, repair, diagnostics, replacement of parts, sale).
  • Support group. These processes are associated with providing production with resources for work. This can be the purchase of equipment, materials, purchase of goods from suppliers.
  • Provisioning group. It includes administrative processes that support and regulate the activities of personnel. This group includes personnel and financial accounting.
  • Management group. BP in this category determine the goals of the enterprise and the direction of work. The main processes of this type are strategy development and planning.

Business processes of companies are shown in the form of graphs; data is measured in quantitative values and percentages. However, numbers will not tell you anything if they are not described and analyzed.

BP results depend on the task execution algorithm. The process itself is depicted graphically. When it is displayed based on the real situation, it does not always look like a straight line. Rather, it is a curve showing positive and negative results, because companies have problems with employee performance, order fulfillment, customer activity, financial difficulties, and crises.


How to study and work with business processes

To understand how to study the business processes of a company, consider an example of a service center. Let's imagine that your SC has 5 employees:

  • head;
  • acceptor;
  • specialist in minor service work;
  • engineer of complex works;
  • courier.

The company has a problem - order processing is very slow, which is why the service cannot take more orders and grow. The main reason for this is that business processes are not sufficiently described and analyzed. By describing them, you, as a leader, will be able to understand and influence the dynamics of growth:

  • improve the quality of order processing;
  • automate the work of each subordinate;
  • develop standards for each task;
  • lower the quality of errors;
  • control the terms of orders;
  • regularly monitor the work;
  • work on the weak points of the firm;
  • improve productivity in general;
  • attract new clients.

When analyzing BP, you need to not only identify problems, but also develop a strategy to improve the quality of service and the efficiency of your company.

Heads are often involved in describing BP, but it is better to involve all staff in this business, since your subordinates directly face some tasks and have more practical experience. They will help you see the whole picture. Also, your employees may have ideas on how to improve the work of the enterprise. For the analysis to be productive, follow the previously prepared plan for describing BP.


A plan for describing business processes

You have already set the date and time when you are going to start describing BP of your service center or an enterprise of other sphere. Next, use the instructions to analyze all the processes:

  1. Conduct a work meeting, bringing together all subordinates who affect the business processes of the company. Brainstorm each BP and listen to the opinions of each team member.
  2. Collect data on all working tools used in your enterprise: mail, telephone communications, SMS mailing, CRM-program, messengers, other software.
  3. Discuss the desired result of the service center with the employees. What should be the team result and personal contribution of each subordinate, as well as how to achieve this.
  4. Build a strategy for achieving the planned results of the company. Divide the overall strategy into stages and small goals, and break the goals into tasks. For each employee, assign the completion of certain tasks within a specific time frame.
  5. After that, define the business processes and describe each criterion.

The implementation of your strategic plan should have a realistic time frame. Write down both the main steps and the date of the final result. When analyzing BPs, it is important to work out the main points, not pay attention to less important things. Otherwise, you may not achieve your global goals.

Already at the stage of describing the BP, you will see how well your team works, how well it is organized. Start solving your company's problems immediately. Constantly monitor the implementation of your strategy and conduct interim monitoring to track dynamics, see if there are results at the initial stage and in the future. You can also adjust the plan if problems arise or something fails to be implemented.



Optimization of business processes

After analyzing the BP, you will see that some processes and tasks take a long time. For example, due to the slow completion of tasks by one employee, the work of another is delayed, orders are overdue. To save time, you can automate your service center. To do this, use the Gincore browser program. It controls many processes, tasks are performed automatically, which speeds up the order processing time.

Gincore software will help you optimize your business:

  • will reduce costs;
  • will help to improve the quality of service;
  • will save time;
  • will increase your customer base;
  • will increase the indicators of BP.


Gincore for working with business processes

Many owners of service centers, workshops, stores, beauty salons, dentistry and rental services already use the Gincore program. This software allows you to automate any business and improve the service for your customers. Here are just a few of the main options:

  • order accounting;
  • customer database;
  • full-fledged accounting;
  • document management;
  • all types of reports;
  • control of finances;
  • setting tasks for employees;
  • tardiness journal;
  • statistics and analytics;
  • integration with telephony;
  • lists of goods and categories;
  • inventory control;
  • control of the terms of orders;
  • analysis of business processes.

This is not a complete list of Gincore program options. Register on the site, enter your company data and simplify the day-to-day tasks of your service. In your profile you will see all the data, you can easily manage orders, control work, and also set up the required level of access to the data of each employee.

Many businessmen underestimate the importance of describing business processes. With the help of Gincore, you will see the BP results, all processes, you will be able to influence these indicators. In the future, this will allow your company to grow, increase the number of customers and orders, which will positively affect your profit.


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