Tips for a manager on remote work with subordinates

15 june 2022

An effective leader must create a comfortable working environment for his subordinates. They need to be provided with all the resources and set the tasks correctly. When this happens in the office, there are almost no problems, but when the team switches to remote work, it becomes much more difficult to control the situation. You cannot do without additional help and advice in this matter.


Ensuring regular communication

The main task of the manager is to ensure regular internal communication with subordinates. Be sure to discuss planned tasks, ongoing projects and other important issues with the team at the beginning of the working day. Now there are many possibilities and software for this:

  • Zoom. In the last couple of years, it has been the most popular communication method for work and educational events. Much that can be transferred online is broadcast through conferences in Zoom. Meetings with an audience of up to 100 people are held here. Create an event, receive a link and send it to your employees by mail or in any work chat;
  • Slack. In this messenger, you can set up multiple chats. They are sorted by projects and channels. This is a very convenient tool for companies of any level.

To make subordinates feel the control of management and be fully involved in the work process, just like in the office, discuss all projects together, set goals, invite employees to generate ideas and share them with the team. In addition, take care of the reports: keep them open so that each employee can see both his results and those of his colleagues. Then no one will have the feeling that someone is working as usual, and someone is putting in a minimum of effort.



Rational planning

Not all people are comfortable working from home. You need to understand that at first there will be an adaptation period. Some of your subordinates will immediately get used to working remotely and begin to work productively on the first or second day, while others will need 3-5 days to get used to and get into a working rhythm. The manager must help each employee to adapt to the new working conditions.

In the future, clearly formulate requests, goals, objectives and deadlines. The quality of the work performed also depends on the quality of the tasks. The manager must rationally plan the work:

  • clearly state the essence of the project;
  • prioritize goals;
  • assign responsible persons to specific tasks;
  • adjust deadlines as the work is being done;
  • alternate easy and difficult tasks within one project.

If the management correctly plans the tasks, allocates the optimal amount of time for their execution, then employees will develop a normal rhythm and will be able to complete all tasks on time, no matter whether they work at their desk in the office or at home on the couch with a laptop.


Access to the information

A few years ago only a part of companies used cloud storage for information, but now, when many of them switched to remote work, it is impossible to work normally without it. You will be able to save and transfer any information, correct the data, and approve the final version. You don't need to meet in person and you can do without Skype calls and screen sharing.

The benefits of cloud systems for management are as follows:

  • viewing reports in real time;
  • control of business indicators;
  • checking the performance of tasks by subordinates;
  • determining the productivity of employees.

Using the program Gincore, you get a full-fledged functionality for remote work, including the above capabilities: from controlling small tasks to studying the company's business indicators. You can log in to the system from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access, and from any device, even from a smartphone.

The benefits of cloud software for subordinates are as follows:

  • fast transfer of data within the department and between different structures of the company;
  • new tasks are instantly displayed;
  • indication of deadlines for tasks and projects;
  • obtaining important information from the manager and colleagues;
  • automation of work processes (order processing, communication with customers, work with goods/services);
  • checking statistics;
  • quick search for the necessary information;
  • reliable storage of all data on a secure server;
  • saving time when performing individual tasks.

Your employees will find it convenient to use Gincore. This program has an intuitive interface, so even users with little experience will master it. The software really automates all tasks and saves time even for small tasks.

When moving to remote work, ensure internal communication, planning, and access to information. Cloud CRM programs will make life easier for you and your employees. The best solution in the IT products market is Gincore. Register now and start working effectively even remotely.


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