3 ways to increase sales at a service center from Evan Carmichael

27 june 2017

All entrepreneurs should progress, study modern market and technology trends. Today, we will acquaint you with three ways to increase sales in the service center, which are recommended by the American businessman and blogger Evan Carmichael.

In an interview with Carmichael, the journalist told the blogger that he had a small computer repair shop and asked Evan for advice on how to expand this business. Discussing this topic, the businessman told his secrets of success in the development of the service center.


The first way to develop a service center

There are only a few clients at the start of the entrepreneurial journey, Carmichael says, and further steps need to be taken to increase that number of clients and orders. One of the existing strategies can be chosen to build partnerships. In this case, Evan recommends finding a reliable entrepreneur in your niche who knows your target audience well, has already achieved certain results and is ready to cooperate with novice businessmen. It is important to note that you do not need to be friends with potential competitors who provide the same services as you. The following specialists are suitable for the role of a partner:

  • suppliers of devices;
  • sales representatives;
  • spare parts suppliers.

A partnership should be beneficial to both parties. Having connections with suppliers of devices and parts, you will be able to purchase devices and spare parts for repairs at competitive prices. Plus, partners can help you get ahead in the market. The terms of cooperation can be as follows:

  • payment of interest on transactions with clients that come on the recommendations of partners;
  • mutual PR - you promote your partners, and they promote you in their circles.

If you work with partners who already have a client base, this type of cooperation will bring you rapid growth and development. Now you can analyze your field of activity, study potential partners, draw up a proposal for cooperation and try to establish a relationship with them.


The second way to improve the service

Any repair shop involves working with clients. Evan Carmichael notes that for the successful development of such a business, it is important to focus specifically on working with clients, building relationships with them, developing corporate ethics, building trust in the brand, and reaching the target audience.

In the field of devices, diagnostics and repairs will be in demand from time to time. If customers are provided with good service, they will contact your firm again. It should be understood that service centers are approached by people who are poorly versed in use of devices, may not understand many nuances and ask inappropriate questions. Company employees should be patient with such people, try to explain everything clearly and treat them politely. In no case should you answer rudely and arrogantly, you can not show who is smarter and more versed in technology. Such a mistake will cost not only the loss of the client, but also the loss of reputation.

Be discreet, loyal, and try to genuinely help your customers. Then they will contact you whenever they have technical problems. They will also recommend your firm to their circle. Here are just a few tips for service center employees on how to work with people:

  • polite communication;
  • respectful attitude towards clients;
  • explain specific terms in plain language;
  • rephrase the sentence if the person does not understand something;
  • smile, to get on customer’s good side;
  • be patient even in extraordinary situations;
  • try to be a universal professional to solve any customer problem.

If a client receives good service from you, he will constantly return to you. And don't forget to monitor your subordinates and check how they work with clients. Sometimes you need master classes, analysis of problems and communication with employees in order to motivate them to improve the quality of service.


The third way to develop a service workshop

Blogger and businessman Carmichael stands for modern technology. He recommends entrepreneurs to promote their business with online marketing. If you have a website, then you need to set it up well, check how it is displayed in search engines, check its optimization, how convenient and understandable it is for users. Check if your site is rendered by the query "repair shops in (your city)". If your site is not listed on the first page of the search engine, then you can order paid advertising to improve your promotion results.

Paid advertising on the Internet does not cost much, but it is very effective and brings good results. If you are not well versed in ad settings, you can find specialists who will do everything for you. However, when you have an SEO-optimized website, good advertising, a clear strategy, and an email marketing campaign, you can grow successfully.



Evan Carmichael has a lot of experience in business development and promotion. His advices are invaluable. You have learned three tips, following which you can successfully develop a service center:

  • establish partnerships with entrepreneurs who know your market well;
  • provide a high level of customer service so that they want to come back to you;
  • use online marketing tools to make your website clearer to your target audience.

At first glance, these are simple tips, but they really work. You can implement them in your strategy and test them in practice, adapt them to your field of activity and your company. Soon your business will begin to develop, the number of customers, orders will increase, your profits will also increase, and you will reach new heights.



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