3 ways to increase sales at a service center from Evan Carmichael

27 june 2017

In today's article, we quote the famous American businessman and blogger Evan Carmichael.

In one of the issues, the user asked Evan a question: «I have a computer repair shop how can I grow it?» To which Evan replied:

- So, thanks for the question, great question a lot of entrepreneurs one of the biggest challenges is how do I grow my business?

You know, you may be started it up and you got a few customers. or how do I get it up to that next step? So, a couple of ideas for you. The first is partnerships. This is the fastest way to grow your business, it's fine somebody else who's already selling to your target market who's not selling the same was not a competitor so that's on the same products or services but complementary products or services and partner with them. And so the easiest way to look at it is find the people who are selling the products before. They buy from you so the customers before they come to you who are they buying from. And so if your computer repair shop chances are it's whether they're buying their computers from. Right then that might be a good potential source. Look at anybody who they're buying products or services from before the bind from you and then try to find a partnership agreement with them. It could be just commissioned, it could be same okay I'll give you X percent of any deals that come through, it could just be referring business back and forth to say you know you'll promote them but they promote you. Find some kind of deal that works and if they really have an established base of people then it's one of the fastest ways to grow any business. So I highly recommend looking at trying to form local partnerships.

The second way is if you're already doing some business, you already have customers coming in, really try to focus on creating an outstanding customer experience with them. The more customers learn to like you or love you, they trust you, they respect you, they listen to your expert advice and opinions, the more they going to come back and tell their friends. And especially with something like computer repair there's a lot of sketchy people in that business, right. It’s one of those things where you don't really know much about the business. A lot of the people who come to you are not experts, they come to you because they need the help and a lot of them often get taken advantage of by people in your position and not saying you do it and hopefully you don't. But they take they get taken advantage of and so they're afraid to come in and bring their computers in. And so if you can make it so that they're in a trusted environment, they're really comfortable you explain things in terms, that they can understand and that they feel like they're getting really good service and they're not getting ripped off, they're going to keep coming back to you. Right, it's the ones where they feel like they're getting a bad deal but they don't really know better so they go once and then they never come back. That's not the customer you want. You know it's not worth ripping off your customers you want the guys who feel like they're getting good value for their money, they understand what the problem is, they see that you can fix it in a really fast way and so that means they're going to keep coming back. With computers there's always only problem so you can get repeat business from your clients but you want to create such a good experience that they tell their friends and bring them in, as well. So you want them to say you know anytime one of their friends come to them and say “hi, I'm really having a hard time with my computer” you want them to say “you got to go see this guy, who's the best”, right. So are you creating that experience yet or is your business so good that your customers can't wait to go out and talk about you. If you can get repeat business from your customers and get them to bringing referrals that's an awesome way to grow your business. Because referred customers buy more, spend more time with you or more loyal they'll you know easier to cross-sell or upsell on things and there were four more friends, as well. So really you know I'm sure you doing a good job right now just find ways to make it excellent. To be always on the tip of the tongue of your customers and make them love talking about you. And there's always ways to make that better, so improve your customer experience. That's number two.

The third way I look at is try to do some online Marketing. I don't know what you're doing right now but online marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business. And so, you have a website, make sure it's found in the local listings. It's how a lot of people will start to find the service like yours. They'll go, you don't know what city you're in, but I'm in Toronto. If I had a problem with computer I might go, Toronto computer repair shop, you know. Do you show up and so you know creating an experience online. So that you're showing up in search engines. If you're not showing up yet in the organic results, you can try the paid results just to start getting some traction momentum going there. But you know invest in a little bit time effort money into your online marketing so that when people are searching for you, you're going to show up. And if you don't know how to do that then I’d look at partnering up with somebody who is an expert in that or hiring them to help you with your online marketing, SEO. Because that is how a lot of people are going to find you. And having an SEO campaign and email marketing campaign are two the most cost-effective ways to build a great business. So, hopefully that helped.

Again in summary:

1. Partner up with people who already are selling to your target market.

2. Create an awesome customer experience. If people want to keep coming back to you I refer their friends to you.

3. And then also invest some time effort money into your online marketing is that people can find you online and hopefully you're coming up at the top of the search edges.

So that's my advice for you hopefully that helped.



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