How to save a manager's time in a service center

23 august 2021

Managers work in the service center for the maintenance of equipment. They have many job responsibilities, which include taking orders and organizing the production process. According to the instructions, the manager of the SC is directly subordinate to the head. In general, the duties of a specialist can be divided into major and minor.

The main responsibilities of the service center manager:

  • advising clients;
  • taking orders;
  • selection of spare parts for repairing devices;
  • tracking the stages of order processing;
  • work with documents;
  • preparation of equipment for dispatch for repair;
  • optimization of the SC work;
  • distribution of orders among employees.

In addition to core responsibilities, managers must improve the quality of service and take customer service to the next level, resolve controversial issues, optimize tasks and contribute to the development of the company.


The main responsibilities of a manager


Features of the manager's work in the service center

The difficulties of working as a manager in the SC are associated with an extensive list of responsibilities and heavy workload. It is necessary to be well versed in technology and competently advise clients both in person and by phone, quickly find information, track order processing. Also, a specialist must monitor the work of colleagues and solve difficult issues. Sometimes they bring equipment to the SC that cannot be serviced in a particular service. In this case, the manager must help solve the problem for the client: find a specialist who can make repairs, transfer the order to a partner SC, or recommend another service.

Since the service center receives many orders every day, managers need to record all requests, keep track of orders and deadlines in order to avoid delays. According to company standards, the manager sets the number of days for each stage of work. The manager must monitor the entire process and control the work of engineers. It is inconvenient to carry out all the duties manually or using several programs. It is much easier to use one software for all tasks, which will save time for the manager of any SC.


What programs are suitable for service center managers?

Currently, there are several service center maintenance programs in the IT market. One of the best cloud software is Gincore. It is used by thousands of customers around the world and is ideal for service center maintenance. In Gincore, you can set all roles that correspond to positions in the SC, including the manager.

As practice shows, the use of Gincore helps to save time for managers. The program has the necessary features for work:

  • creation of customer orders;
  • viewing the availability of spare parts;
  • creation and printing of checks, invoices, guarantees;
  • acceptance of payment for orders (cash, non-cash);
  • ordering parts and goods from suppliers;
  • incoming/outgoing calls;
  • organization of logistics;
  • sale of goods (as an accompanying service).


Helps to save time for managers


How Gincore helps save time in the SC

Once the service center manager starts using the Gincore program, all responsibilities will be under control. Employees cope with tasks faster, saving working time. The program has a call center where you can record all information on the order, automatically fill out applications, check information and the availability of details. All information on the order will be in one program. Also, missed calls, messages, new orders are recorded here. The manager can call customers back and provide advice.

Thanks to reminders and software widgets, all stages of work are under control. This allows you to avoid overdue orders and track device repairs. To check the status of orders and details on customer requests, the manager does not need to distract colleagues. All information can be checked in the program. Obtaining statistics on work, it is possible to analyze the data and automate the tasks of the service center.

Gincore has a warehouse section. It allows you to view the availability of repair parts. It is also possible to build logistics chains and, with their help, organize the rapid movement of spare parts. Furthermore, it is possible to submit a request for the delivery of a part, product and device in a matter of seconds, which saves time and eliminates the need to clarify the data with colleagues.

The position of the service center manager is very responsible. The task of the head is to choose an effective program for organizing the business of his company. Hundreds of SC managers are already using Gincore, which allows not only saving their time, but also improving the quality of service. If you want to increase all business indicators in the near future, then register and start using Gincore today in your service center.


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