Top 5 forgotten ways to make effective sales

11 april 2022

Every businessman wants to know the simple secret of high sales. Entrepreneurs reread a lot of books, participate in conferences, webinars and trainings. Of course, you need to develop, because training allows you to improve your sales skills. However, there are quite simple secrets of business development, which many sellers forget about and do not use, but they are under their noses. Chances are, you also know these high sales methods, but don't use them. It's time to fix this.



Method 1: Focus on warm calls

Today, many sales are still made through cold calling. However, think about who you would buy the product from: from a completely unfamiliar manager by phone or from a person with whom you have already communicated, know him in absentia and who do you trust? First you need to warm up the buyer: get to know each other, tell about the company, products and services, offer help in finding suitable solutions. When a salesperson genuinely interacts with the audience, becomes a friend, gives positive emotions during communication, then he is more likely to make a lot of sales.

If you are convinced that cold calling is much more effective in business, then try at least temporarily changing tactics and testing an alternative option. Get to know the person before sending an email with a purchase offer. There are many options for this:

  • communicate with the target audience on social networks;
  • create high-quality and engaging content;
  • in addition to selling texts, publish informative and entertaining posts;
  • respond to comments and questions from subscribers;
  • do polls, ask people for advice and opinion;
  • build relationships using email newsletters;
  • host a live stream or webinar on a topic that interests your customers.

Alternatively, start a blog, send out mailings, offer checklists, instructions, and other useful materials that will help your clients develop and improve their professional activities. Share your knowledge for free. All of this will allow you to lead people to buy. It still works today.

The above is a far from complete list of effective ways to interact with customers. Your business profiles on social networks should be interesting, useful, so that people want to communicate with you and maintain relationships. Communication on the phone and in social networks will help you get to know your audience better, inspire confidence, interest and warm it up. Through this, you can increase your sales.


Method 2: Become a leader in your field

Everything is simple here. Let's look at an example. You are choosing a new smartphone for yourself. Which one will you buy: from a well-known brand or from a dubious origin? It is unlikely that you dare to buy a gadget from a brand that you do not know anything about. Popularity and leading position in the market is a guarantee that the purchase will be successful and the product is of high quality.

This rule applies in all areas. For you to be successful in providing services and selling products, you need to become a leader in your niche. This will allow you to gain the trust of your audience before anyone wants to buy an item from you. Become an expert in your industry, which will increase your chances of successfully selling your products.

To become a leader in your field, follow these guidelines:

  • show your usefulness to a wide audience;
  • demonstrate your capabilities and successful projects;
  • help people in solving their problems;
  • use relevant topics when creating content;
  • build a recognizable brand;
  • share customer reviews and publications about you;
  • share your successes.


Method 3: Become a support and friend

Selling is only part of your job. You need to do more than sell. Offer people not only your products, but also help, show a human face, personality, help solve problems. Become the one to whom people will come with their problems and whom they can trust. Change your image from a salesperson to a friend who will help customers with any difficulties, push them towards achieving goals and contribute to meeting needs.

Take care of your customers and support them:

  • send people useful materials;
  • tell them how to get more value out of the purchase of your products;
  • contact customers and find out if they are happy with their purchases;
  • if there are difficulties, help people to overcome them.

By caring for your customers, you will receive gratitude in return and strengthen the relationship. All this will allow you to inspire people's trust. It will be much easier for them to make a purchase from someone they trust.


Method 4: Use sales scripts correctly

Sales scripts are one of the controversial tools on the market. Some experts say that there will be no sales if you do not use scenarios for communicating with customers. Other sellers insist that scripts need to be abandoned for a long time, because customers feel stereotyped phrases and immediately lose interest in buying.

You can agree that a strictly scripted conversation without emotion and digression kills all the magic of sales. The client immediately recognizes the memorized text, which repels even from the most interesting products, cosmic advantages and the lowest prices. However, dialogue without preparation also reduces sales to zero. You will not be able to trust the seller and even listen to him carefully if he constantly stutters, speaks uncertainly, gets lost in answers, beats around the bush, and every question of yours terrifies him.

What to do? Prepare scripts and train your new employees on them. As your company updates, implement new information, try different sales techniques, and use conversation scripts wisely. It is important to adhere to the general structure of the conversation, but try every time to select new phrases, expressions, use emotions, change intonation and make speech more pleasant and lively. Such a script should not be a clear regulation, but a kind of cheat sheet that will help the seller in any situation:

  • not to lose the essence of the conversation;
  • follow the chosen sales technique;
  • not to miss key points;
  • correctly present the product/service;
  • respond to all customer objections and doubts.


Method 5: Don't make aggressive selling

In the art of sales, you cannot sell actively, aggressively, obsessively and show that you only need one thing from customers – money. If you want to sell one product without preparation, then only those who need it here and now will buy it from you. The rest of the people you will not be able to interest without warming up, which means you will miss the chance to make more sales.

There is also such a situation. You presented your products, told about the advantages, use, benefits, but the client is not ready to buy the product right now. He has no money, he needs time to think and a million more reasons to postpone the purchase.

Having interested the client and having established contact with him, you cannot be sure that the transaction will be completed successfully here and now. If the person is still in doubt, then do not cut off the connection with him. Shift your focus from selling to building relationships. By maintaining communication, giving information unobtrusively, you can gently and delicately nudge a person to buy in the future, turning him into your client.



Implement effective ways to increase sales

Most likely, all of these methods of increasing sales are not new to you, you have heard of them before. Now the time has come not only to read about them, but also to boldly introduce them into your activities. Take the time now to learn more about all the methods and use them correctly. Be active on social media and communicate with your followers, improve your content and promote yourself to become a leader in your niche. Position yourself as a person who will help people find solutions to any problems, and provide free help. Be sure to work on the scripts and make sure that the sales are made in a relaxed, not aggressive manner. You need to always work to improve the quality of your product, brand, and salesmanship.

Put all the tips in this article into practice and the results will soon surprise you. And to save time, use effective tools to automate your business. In particular, use the best cloud program Gincore to keep track of orders, customers, goods, bookkeeping, study analytics, and communicate with customers.


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