The art of delegating: how to properly distribute work

Many aspiring entrepreneurs take on too many tasks. Grasping at everything at once, it is unlikely that it will be possible to perform all the work with high quality, because one person cannot replace 10 specialists. Due to such a volume of tasks, it is impossible to independently develop a business and bring it to a new level.

How to learn to save money in business

A successful business presupposes the correct distribution of finances. This means that it is necessary to use cost-saving methods where this does not affect quality. This approach will help your business grow and get more profit.

The 80/20 principle for life and business

In time management theories, Pareto's law is of particular importance. It allows you to use your resources correctly, achieving high results in less time. You can apply this law both in business and in your daily life. Using this principle, you can successfully solve many problems and achieve success.

The best website analytics tools

There are excellent web analytics tools out there today. You can save money and not use the services of internet marketers, but do your own website analytics. Explore the systems used by entrepreneurs around the world to help you improve the performance of your business.

Five principles of great management

Steve Jobs said that the simple is harder than the complex. He believed that it was necessary to work a lot with your thinking in order for it to become pure, clear and simple. By working on yourself, learning to manage your thinking, you will succeed as a manager in a company of any size. In this article, we'll look at five principles of great management.

How to interact with employees correctly

Employee engagement is a workflow approach that contributes to the successful development of a company. In this case, conditions are created for all team members to be motivated and work conscientiously, making their contribution to the common cause.

20 ways to increase your website sales. Part two

Customer trust is one of the most important factors in helping you make more sales. However, not all entrepreneurs know how to build relationships with people, give them confidence in their products and correctly nudge them to buy.

20 ways to increase your website sales. Part one

Today, gaining the trust of customers is an important step towards the development of a company. Of course, it will be easier for users to decide to buy goods and order services if they see that someone has already worked with your company and was happy with the deal. It inspires confidence and peace of mind, because other people have already checked the company and confirmed that everything here is fair without cheating.

Top 5 forgotten ways to make effective sales

Every businessman wants to know the simple secret of high sales. Entrepreneurs reread a lot of books, participate in conferences, webinars and trainings. Of course, you need to develop, because training allows you to improve your sales skills. However, there are quite simple secrets of business development, which many sellers forget about and do not use, but they are under their noses.

Five ways to find out what your customers want

Do you think you know everything about your customers' needs? Can you manage them properly now? In fact, many companies say: “We know exactly what our customers want.” However, they haven't done customer research for a long time. Such companies do not study their audience and cannot determine the circle of potential buyers who could be interested.

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