Warranty repairs in Gincore

Service centers often have two areas of work. The first is the repair of devices that customers bring for service. The second is the sale of goods and spare parts. In both cases, the devices may fail and a warranty repair will be required.

Gincore widgets

Small applications (widgets) sometimes pop up on the screens of smartphones, laptops, computers, other devices and websites. Gincore also has dedicated maintenance widgets for service centers, workshops and warehouses. They are used to simplify the work in the system and to obtain certain results.

Categories in the Gincore program

The Gincore program is used in repair shops, stores and warehouses. Categories are one of the software modules. This tool allows you to organize goods, services, acceptance of equipment for repair, and also helps to process orders.

How well-structured logistics will increase the efficiency of your business

A store, service center, workshop, or warehouse may have a logistics department or employees who perform logistics tasks. This applies to moving goods, delivering orders to customers and receiving parts from suppliers.

Improving business efficiency with maintenance software

You are the owner of the business. Every day you have to deal with documents, orders, clients, launch ads, control subordinates, keep accounting and solve hundreds of problems. In this case, it is difficult to imagine life without a program to automate all processes.

Best Saas 2021 for service center maintenance

Whatever goods or services a company supplies, there is always a huge amount of information in it. Previously, on a computer, you had to have a lot of documents, tables, images, graphs, electronic presentations. Various programs were also used, but it was not always universal software. In the event of system failure, power outage or PC freeze, some of the data or all of the information could disappear without a trace. Things are easier today because there are cloud solutions that make many tasks easier.

Gincore update 07.07.21

The Gincore team is working in turbo mode, because we are preparing two huge innovations that will not leave you indifferent.

Software for maintenance in the service for the repair of household appliances

Repair shops work to service household appliances and extend their useful life. The working environment of such services is numerous requests from customers, ordering parts, monitoring employees, maintaining accounting, solving problems. Keeping records of all cases manually, writing everything down in notepads or notebooks is inconvenient and impractical, since you can lose some data and complete the order at the wrong time. This will hurt your reputation and customer relationships. A reasonable solution to data problems would be to use a program for household appliances maintenance.

Program for maintenance of cartridges, refilling cartridges

Printers and multifunctional devices are now in all offices and are often found at home. Such equipment needs to be regularly serviced, so refueling and cartridge repair workshops are now in demand. Any such workshop receives dozens of orders every day. Keeping records of them manually is inconvenient and ineffective. There are too many details that can be forgotten, lost, confused. All this subsequently leads to losses, problems with clients, errors in accounting, and loss of spare parts. To avoid such difficulties and reach a new level, you can use a special program for cartridge maintenance.

Sales via chatbots

All sales are now online. Buyers have the opportunity to shop through websites and social networks. It takes a lot of specialists, time and expenses to develop, maintain sites, and regularly maintain social networks.

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