TOP 7 ways to increase sales

7 october 2021

If you are in the business of trading, then you need to master the art of selling. It is necessary to study the real needs of a potential buyer, correctly present the product and lead the client to the target action - to purchase. To learn this, practice 7 ways to increase sales.


Tip 1: improve sales performance

Today there are many techniques to improve sales performance: SPIN, SNAP, Sandler, value-added sales, challenge sales, concept sales, etc. Each technique has a logic to guide the customer to the purchase. You need to select such tools depending on the field of activity and the niche in the business.

Let’s consider one of the most effective and popular techniques - SNAP. It is suitable for a market with flexible conditions and rapid changes. The entire sales process goes through four stages:

  1. Simplicity (keep it Simple). Tell the client in an accessible form how the product or service will help him.
  2. Uniqueness (be iNvaluable). Reveal the unique qualities of the product and explain why it is better than the competition.
  3. Customer focus (always Align). Show how the service or product suits the customer, meeting his needs and purchasing goals.
  4. Priority (raise Priorities). Explain to the customer why he needs to purchase the item immediately.


Improve sales performance


Tip 2: use the classic sales technique

The classic sales technique consists of 5 stages:

  1. Make contact with a potential buyer. As soon as a client contacts your company, it is important to immediately establish contact with him. You need to respond promptly, affably, politely, competently, and also show the buyer that you sincerely want to help him. Usually, companies use scripts to work with clients, but it is important to speak not by memorized phrases. You need to change speech, intonation, and make logical pauses. The conversation should be lively and not like a robot conversation. It is important to put emotions and a little soul into the work - clients will always feel it.
  2. Determine the needs of the client. After you have established contact with the client, received basic information from him, continue the communication to determine his wishes. Have follow-up and guiding questions ready to help you extract a person's needs. This will help you find products and purchase options for him.
  3. Present the product skillfully. Once you determine the needs of the client, it is important for you to understand what product and how to present it to him. This should be the best solution to a potential buyer’s problems. In this case, focus on the ultimate benefit of using the service or product.
  4. Deal with objections. During the presentation of the product, the client may have objections and questions. You need to find good arguments, create a purchase need and interest the client in discounts.
  5. Close the deal successfully. When the prospect received answers to his questions and realized the benefits of a future purchase, it was time to close the deal. If you go through all five steps, you will get fewer bounces and more sales.


Tip 3: use a conceptual sales technique

The conceptual sales technique is based on ensuring that all participants in the transaction are satisfied with the purchase. You need to analyze the client:

  1. Study the client and understand what concept of "ideal product" to use for him.
  2. Present a product or service according to a concept that suits a specific person.
  3. Having interested the client, carefully bring him to the deal.

If the purchase is not profitable for a person, then no sales techniques will help make a sale, so the first point in this case is key.


Tip 4: increase the average check

Many stores and companies use different techniques to increase the average check:

  • Cross-sell. This is a way when with the main purchase, it is possible to sell related products to the client. Here you need to focus on the fact that additional products will make the purchase more profitable and together bring more benefit to the person.
  • Up-sell. In this case, after the presentation of the product, it is necessary to offer an analogue that is more expensive. First you convince the client and lead him to the purchase, and when he is ready for the deal, you offer him the best product and show the benefit.


Tip 5: use the phone sales technique

Despite the fact that all business is now moving online, telephone sales are still working. You just need to use effective techniques and competently build a dialogue with clients. Advantages of telephone sales:

  • the ability to remind regular customers about the company and the goods or services provided;
  • to acquaint new clients with promotions and working conditions;
  • get a quick response from buyers;
  • inform customers of important information and stir up interest in the purchase.

Of course, you will not see the interlocutor while talking to him on the phone, so it will be more difficult to establish contact with a potential buyer. However, you need to develop and learn to find an approach to each person. It is always important to consider possible questions and answers before making a phone call. In many companies, the activity of call center operators is regulated by prepared scripts, but the speech of a company employee should be lively and emotional. Otherwise, no one wants to communicate with an answering machine that speaks by memorized phrases.


Increase the average check


Tip 6: master online sales

Now endless opportunities have opened up for business on the Internet. Here you can promote any field of activity, including sales. There are many tools for this, both paid and free:

  • Create an online store. Now you can order the creation of online stores with a different number of pages. If this is expensive for you, you can try selling 1 service or 1 category product using a one-page landing page. There are free or low-cost website builders out there as well, so you can try building an online store yourself.
  • Sell on marketplaces. Now such sites are gaining momentum, helping other sellers to sell goods. You do not need to spend money on the creation, promotion and promotion of your site.
  • Build social media sales. Now in social networks you can find a huge target audience, because they are regularly visited by millions of people. By actively maintaining a page or group of your company, you will increase brand awareness and be able to successfully advertise, and on Facebook it is even possible to create a catalog of goods or services on a business page. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of communicating with clients through social networks, prepare answers, add a little lightness, ease, but observe politeness and a positive attitude.


Tip 7: improve the skills and motivation of employees

Even if you develop an effective sales system, create a website, launch an advertisement, establish a supply of quality goods, but your subordinates will not work well, sales will still not grow. It is important at the very beginning to properly train new employees and set them up for conscientious work. Then it is necessary to periodically conduct trainings to improve the qualifications of workers. Also increase the motivation of your employees:

  • increase the wages of employees by the percentage of the sale of goods;
  • add bonuses if the employee has sold related products;
  • accrue bonuses for fulfilling the sales plan.


How to put all the tips into practice

Learn tips to improve sales performance and gradually implement them into your business. Train your employees to expand their knowledge and learn effective sales techniques that can help you increase your company's bottom line without additional costs.

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