Program for maintenance of cartridges, refilling cartridges

25 june 2021

Printers and multifunctional devices are now in all offices and are often found at home. Such equipment needs to be regularly serviced, so refueling and cartridge repair workshops are now in demand. Any such workshop receives dozens of orders every day. Keeping records of them manually is inconvenient and ineffective. There are too many details that can be forgotten, lost, confused. All this subsequently leads to losses, problems with clients, errors in accounting, and loss of spare parts. To avoid such difficulties and reach a new level, you can use a special program for cartridge maintenance.

One-stop solutions for cartridge maintenance

Cartridge service workshop owners need to use a maintenance system. When studying IT products in this area, it becomes clear that there are few worthy options. Such a program should perform a number of tasks:

  •   maintain a customer base;
  •   set tasks for employees of the enterprise;
  •   systematize the reception and processing of orders;
  •   keep records of refueling cartridges;
  •   fix the terms of work;
  •   create reports;
  •   keep accounting.


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We offer you the Gincore program as a universal solution for maintenance of cartridges in the enterprise. This service is thought out to the details and will perfectly cope with the above tasks, which will provide full control of all business processes and take your company to a new level. Next, let's take a closer look at the main tools.


The Gincore system has the necessary tools for accounting:

  •   tracking all financial transactions;
  •   inventory;
  •   displaying the cost of goods and services;
  •   balance sheet;
  •   reporting formation.

With this program, your bookkeeping will be in order. You will be able to control all financial processes, eliminate shortages and keep records of cartridges. You can draw up all quarterly, annual and other types of reports without problems, as well as submit them on time to the appropriate authorities.

Telephony capabilities

Gincore software integrates perfectly with different telephony providers. This tool has the following features:

  •   incoming/outgoing calls to clients and partners;
  •   recording telephone conversations for further analysis;
  •   formation of statistics on the work of employees;
  •   creation of a database with the data of each client;
  •   maintenance for the history of servicing client orders.

By using this functionality, you will simplify the work of your account managers and will be able to control them. After analyzing the statistics, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team's work, and then increase the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole.

SMS notifications

Setting up SMS messages will allow you to inform your customers about important things: order status, terms of work, cost, etc. Also, this tool can be used to notify your subordinates. You can set up sending messages when you need to quickly convey information. You do not need to approach employees in person or arrange additional meetings.

Email notifications

In the work of any enterprise, a lot of information is sent to employees by mail. These are instructions for work, setting tasks, information on orders, work plans and schedules, report forms, information messages, etc. It is much easier and more convenient for this to use a special program for maintenance for refueling cartridges, since this functionality is built into it. It integrates with email and stores all employee data. You do not have to copy the mail of each employee every time, since all information is pulled up automatically.

Accounting for delays

The program has a built-in tool for the journal of late arrivals of subordinates, which opens up the following opportunities:

  •   you will find out the start time of each employee's working day;
  •   you will be able to see every delay;
  •   determine their systematicity.

Fulfillment of customer orders

Individual tools perform the main task of your enterprise - inventory of cartridges, their repair and refueling. The order processing functionality has two tabs - "Repairs" and "Sales". With the help of the first window, the entire stage of customer service is monitored: receipt of an application, status, device type, cost, payment, customer data, repair time, warehouse number. In the sales section, you can generate a receipt for an offline order or create an invoice for an online store. In the first case, the check can be issued in a few seconds by selecting the serial number, indicating the price (retail or wholesale), and the form of payment. It is possible to scan the product by barcode, and the cost data will be automatically loaded into the receipt. You can also print the warranty and shipping invoice. The tab for sales through the online store has all the fields for creating an invoice: customer data, product data, payment and delivery methods. During order processing, you can change its status, group items of goods, add comments, mark the shipment. If certain goods are not in stock, then a request for their purchase from the supplier is generated automatically.

Availability of cartridges and parts

The capabilities of the program allow you to keep inventory records. You will control the availability of cartridges, all parts and other goods. This will simplify the service and processing of customer requests. The maintenance program assumes the address storage of cartridges and other goods, as well as the numbering of places for their storage. This system is ergonomic, logical and clear, it is very easy to operate. Your warehouse will now always be in order, and you will be aware of all the changes.


Inventories are regularly carried out at each warehouse. With the Gincore service, it will be easier for you to review the availability of goods, find shortages, put things in order, determine what and in what quantity you need to order from suppliers. Now all inventories will be easier and faster.

Division of goods

Now a new function has appeared in the service - product separation. You can specify the number of items in Metric (grams, liters, meters) or Imperial (inches, feet, pounds). You will be able to work all over the world. Large volume can be divided into multiple low volume products. To do this, in the menu of goods, you need to create a new item, select a measurement system and indicate the cost per quantity. After that, in the finished product card, you need to press the "Split" button, separating the part from the product. Instead of one, two items will appear in the list. The original position in terms of quantity and price will become smaller. A reverse option is also available. A new button "Synthesize" will appear in the new product card. All previously crushed items can be combined into one item again. Its card will return to its original state, and you will get one item again. This is a handy feature for large orders. You don't have to add several items to the check. By combining split items, you add only one item at the corresponding price, saving time.

Integration with Google Analytics

Now many companies, firms, warehouses are actively using the capabilities of Google Analytics. In order not to use several programs at the same time, not to get confused with browsers and tabs, you just need to connect Google Analytics to Gincore. Now you can do everything:

  •   collect data for statistics;
  •   track the performance of your site;
  •   understand how to work with clients best;
  •   study all interactions;
  •   define a new work strategy;
  •   increase sales.

Using a CRM system

Nowadays, not a single enterprise can do without a CRM system. If you do not use this service yet, then with the cartridge maintenance system you will have such an opportunity. It is an excellent automation of all processes and a good control tool. This improves efficiency at all levels of your refilling workshop.


With the help of the maintenance program, you can organize the movement of spare parts for the repair of cartridges. Also, this tool helps to organize the shipment of goods. For this, supply chains are created with points of departure and delivery. A barcode is printed for each product. After scanning it, the courier receives a notification that the goods need to be delivered.

Records management

Each company has a huge turnover of documents. To make it easier to work with documents, both electronic and printed, you can use the Gincore. It has a constructor that can be used to create any type of document. This will make life easier for you and your subordinates. Now, this stage of work will not seem difficult for you, but will allow you to keep everything under control.

Gincore is the number one for your business

Cartridge maintenance software Gincore is the market leader with a number of advantages:

  •   ease of use of an intuitive interface;
  •   round-the-clock technical support;
  •   short and informative training videos on the use of the program;
  •   it is easy to get started without installing programs on a PC and purchasing licenses, you just need to register;
  •   a free trial is offered for entrepreneurs who are just starting to work;
  •   the transition to a new maintenance system takes place within a few hours;
  •   different levels of access allow you to control which information and which employees to grant permission to;
  •   in case of failures, your data is saved immediately on the servers of 2 countries.

Our clients’ reviews

Andrew Belozersky, “IT-service”: “I have been using the program for almost 2 years! There are no analogues for such a price on the market. A very clear, functional, convenient program! Everything is logical and clear in the settings! The ability to send SMS, customize printable forms, work with statuses... everything is convenient. All updates are free. Many thanks to the authors for providing full support for their product. "

Improve the efficiency of your business right now

Now that you have learned all about the program for cartridge maintenance, you can get started. Go through the simple registration form, fill in all the fields with the data, enter the name and click on the "Try for free" option. Gincore is the answer to your question on how to keep records of cartridge refills. Using this product, you can streamline the work of your service and soon improve all indicators. This program will help your business thrive and increase sales.


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