Splitting goods, disabling statuses, filtering by check-out date. Update

26 january 2021

Let's start the year with great news and updates. The main feature of this update is the splitting of goods.

More about the new feature:

Separate items in liters, meters and grams.

How it works?
We create items in the desired unit of measurement, debiting it to the warehouse. Further, if you need to separate a part of the total capitalized goods - click on the "Divide" button. If you need to return the disconnected product back to the jur, click "Merge". Practically molecular biology.
You can carry out such a laboratory operation directly in the order card. And by the way, even if you do not have an item in the quantity that you need, the system will show the item in quantity more and offer to separate the requested quantity independently.
Please note that if positions from different receipts remain in a small remainder, it is impossible to merge them. Here you will need to add positions to the order according to the balances.

Let us explain why such a decision.
1. It is impossible to combine goods in meters and centimeters at all. Because if you have already cut a piece, we doubt that it will be sewn back or glued.
2. Some measured and weight goods have a shelf life, and if a part of one product remains on the bottom with a shelf life of a day, for example, then we strongly advise against combining it with another product that will stand for some time. We value your reputation with the clients you serve and we want the service to be of high quality.

By the way, we have added two systems of measurement - metric (grams, meters, liters) and imperial (inches, feet, pounds, in case we save the empire together with the Jedi).

ХWe would like to hear your opinion on the new functionality, do not hesitate, write to chat or mail, we will read and take into account everything.

We also added the ability to disable some system statuses and a filter in orders by the date of the master's departure.

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See the next update 04/06/21. Fast goods receiving, calculations for warranty repairs.

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