Gincore's October update: More possibilities, fewer errors!

31 october 2023

Greetings, esteemed Gincore users! The development team is pleased to present you with a fresh update, encompassing a series of noteworthy enhancements and corrections. Let's delve into them more closely.




  1. Transition to Google Analytics 4. We have successfully completed the integration with GA4, granting you greater data analysis capabilities.

  2. Printing a consignment note for transfers. Now, when selecting multiple items, you can generate a unified consignment note, streamlining and expediting the process.

  3. Importing services without units of measurement. When importing services, the "Unit of Measurement" field can now be disregarded if the service is specified without it.

  4. No longer updating the product list after depletion. After depleting a product, it now correctly disappears from the list.

  5. Customer and supplier order payments. We have resolved issues with mass payments for both customers and suppliers.

  6. "Create" button in the customer profile. An error that hindered the creation of new records in the customer profile has been rectified.

  7. Call handling and notification dispatch. Call management has been enhanced, and errors related to notification dispatch have been rectified.

  8. Various refinements. We have also addressed several other issues, such as those related to transaction display, working with print templates, and the "Have questions" form.

We express our gratitude for your active utilization of Gincore and value your feedback, which assists us in making the product even better. We hope that these new updates will bring you even more satisfaction while using the system!

We look forward to your comments and feedback on the updated version!


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Watch next update. Enhanced Customer Management, New SMS Features, and Automatic Advertising Source Detection.

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