Top 7 tips to improve marketing effectiveness

Marketers always have a lot of work to do. All activities need to be streamlined in order to manage advertising channels, communicate with customers, promote products or services. A large amount of work can lead to stress, overwork, loss of concentration, which in the future will lead to mistakes. To be more effective, marketers can use the tips below.

What growth indicators can be studied using the Gincore program

For the successful development of your company, automate work using the specialized software Gincore. This program will help you not only establish workflows, but also track performance indicators.

Study of business processes to improve the efficiency of the company

Any business is built on mandatory components that interact with each other. When the performance of one of the elements deteriorates, this negatively affects the overall result. For your business to develop steadily, it is important for you to control all processes. For effective work, you need to study all business processes and build a strategy that will contribute to the growth of all indicators.

Gincore update 30.01.22

Over the past two months, we have launched several updates and here is a brief overview of the new functionality:

How to work with cash registers and warehouses in the Gincore program

Process automation contributes to the significant growth and development of any company. It allows you to save time and control all work tasks of the enterprise. You can use different maintenance programs for this.

How to use scripts to increase sales in any business

In the field of trade, communication with customers is of great importance. The general mood, the quality of the services or goods provided, the honesty and professionalism of the seller, as well as the words that he chooses, significantly affect the success of the transaction. Each company should have clear rules for communicating with clients, set by the script.

Small store automation strategy

A few years ago, only the heads of large companies could afford business automation. For a small business, there were no opportunities or the right tools. Today, with the development of technology, everything has become easier and more accessible. You can automate work even in a small office, shop or stall with a minimum number of people.

The omnichannel of a customer service

Omnichannel is a customer service strategy that is now replacing other models of working with people. If earlier sales were made in stores and retail outlets, and only a telephone was used to communicate with customers, then with the development of technology, communication tools have become more diverse and efficient.

Correct redistribution of finance to reduce business costs

With the growth of your company, the finances for the development of your business will also grow. Sometimes, however, you need to revise all items of expenditure in order to reallocate resources if necessary. To properly optimize your finances, it is worth choosing the right tools and a step-by-step action plan.

How to increase profits on Black Friday

Black Friday is a highly anticipated retail event for both buyers and business owners. The worldwide promotion with the lowest discounts is beneficial for both parties. For entrepreneurs to get the most out of their business, Black Friday needs to be well-prepared.

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