Cash movements

All cash receipts for repair and sales orders are displayed here. A list of payments for the selected period is displayed with detailed information about the orders for which these payments were made.

At the top is a set of filters. Here we can filter only repair orders or only sales orders. Filter the orders received via mail or exclusively warranty orders, as well as warranty orders for a specific brand or counterparty. Filter by department, we can filter repair or sales orders that were created at a specific department. Filters by Manager, Receptionist and Master, using these filters we can filter the orders that contain these employees.

There is also a "More" tab with additional filters:

  • By status - filter orders that are currently in a certain status.
  • By product name - filter orders that have a specific item or product attached.
  • By device serial number.
  • By device name.
  • By client name.
  • By advertising channel. For example, we can filter out all orders in which customers came from the Internet.



Select the employee of the period we are interested in and click create report. Having generated the report, we can see the automatic method of payroll charging that is connected to this employee. You can change the method of payroll charging to an employee in the user card in the More - Employees section.

Here you can see the number of devices repaired by the employee during the selected period. How many devices were accepted for repair, how many were issued from repair, the number of sales, the amount earned on repairs, on sales and the total salary accrued for the selected period.

The table itself displays a detailed report. For which orders the payment was charged, for which works, the total cost of works on the order and the amounts, how much was charged to the employee for this repair.

At the very bottom under the table there is an option to upload the report to an Excel file. Also in the access rights settings you can give an employee the ability to see the report for himself in this tab.


Net profit

Here we see the net profit of the company by months with a detailed breakdown of what items of income and expenses formed the net profit.

  • Company turnover or revenue is a report that is generated from all the payments made by customers for orders.
  • Cost of orders sold is the purchase price of all spare parts goods sold during the reporting period.
  • Gross profit is the difference between revenue and cost of goods and parts sold.
  • Operating expenses of the company. Clicking on this article will open a detailed report on what and how much money the company spent.
  • Operating profit is gross profit minus operating expenses.
  • Net profit - shows the exact value of how much we earn each month.
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