Automatic markup. System markup for spare parts in the service center and workshop

10 october 2016

There are many challenges for workshop and service center owners. It is necessary not only to recruit qualified specialists to the staff, to purchase equipment, spare parts, but also to develop the company, form an image, attract new customers, and also perform hundreds of small tasks. If everything is clear with the processing of orders and work with subordinates, then difficulties may arise with small tasks: something can be left out, forgotten to do or to control. In this case, you cannot do without special maintenance programs.

Today, there are several programs for service centers on the IT market, but not all of them have full functionality. The best solution for a service center for both large and small devices is the Gincore browser program. Business owners in various fields have been using this software for a long time and are achieving success.

Gincore suits all the tasks of the service center:

  • control of orders;
  • sale of spare parts and goods;
  • accounting;
  • records management;
  • inventory control;
  • control over the work of employees.

When a new product arrives at a warehouse or store, you need to set retail and wholesale prices. If you accept several hundred, or even thousands of products, you can get confused in many parameters, especially in prices. It is much easier to do this in the system using the automatic markup option.


What is auto-pricing of goods

Automatic markup is a very convenient option. It is used when receiving goods, when you accept new products and create cards for them. In this case, you have to enter a lot of data, and in order not to get confused with prices, you can ease the pricing. It is also possible to add or change automatic markup when editing a product card.

Automatic markup forms the price depending on the purchase value. In Gincore, you can set up automatic markup by two parameters:

  • the amount that is added to the purchase price;
  • the percentage by which the cost of the goods from the supplier increases.

In the pricing option, the automatic markup is separately specified for the retail and wholesale prices. These capabilities can be controlled independently of each other. This function is needed to quickly and accurately form the cost of the goods, which will be displayed in the card, catalog, and then in the customer's receipt and invoice. Also, the data will be needed to calculate profits, reports and other documents. If you entered the price manually and immediately made a mistake, then all these errors will negatively affect all the results of work: customers will purchase goods at the wrong price, report data and profits will fail, documents with incorrect data will be sent to the fiscal service, which will entail fines and other troubles.

It is much better to have a system that is free of errors in the formation of prices. The Gincore program has proven itself well, including in terms of pricing. It is only important to decide on the parameters of automatic markup, and artificial intelligence will calculate the cost for you. Further, all receipts and reports will be generated according to this correct data, and you will avoid many problems.


How to set up auto-markup for products

It is important to note that the automatic markup is set separately in the card of each product. It is very easy to find and use this option:

  1. Enter the "Products" module.
  2. Select the desired item in the list.
  3. The product card opens.
  4. Click on "Price Management".
  5. Check the box next to the "Auto-markup" menu.
  6. In the “Retail Value” window, select the additional amount or percentage option and enter a number.
  7. In the wholesale price window, also select an option and set the size of the auto-markup.
  8. Click "Save".

If you have previously set an automatic markup, but there have been changes in your company, prices have decreased or increased, you will need to change them in the list of goods. Open the card of the item and in the "Price Management" change the data of the auto-markup. Remember to keep your updates. After that, the prices for goods in the system will change. It is necessary to change the markup data for each item card. After that, you will be able to sell spare parts and devices at updated prices.


Advantages of Gincore software for auto-markup in a service center

There is always a lot of work in repair shops and service centers. Your firm's prices should be up-to-date at all times. The auto-markup option in Gincore has a number of advantages:

  • prices are calculated automatically;
  • maximum accuracy in the formation of the cost of spare parts and goods for sale;
  • the function is in a convenient place - in the item card;
  • independent management of auto-markup of wholesale and retail prices;
  • parameters can be selected individually for each product;
  • the ability to edit settings;
  • the calculation can be in addition to a specific amount or as a percentage of the purchase price.

In Gincore, auto-markup is a small feature, but it makes life easier. It is especially relevant when you have to work a lot with numbers and prices. To improve the price formation process, you can use this option. Register on the website and automate your business with this professional software for service centers and workshops. In the near future you will be able to improve all areas of work and increase the results of your company.


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