Orders fulfillment timing control system "Order Manager"

13 mart 2016

In a service center, repair shop, store, warehouse, it is necessary to keep records of orders. These can be sales orders (offline and online stores) and applications for the repair of devices/equipment. To control the work of managers, you can use one of the maintenance programs. Let's look at the main questions to understand how such software works.


Why is it important to keep records of orders?

Keeping records of customer orders is important in both large companies and small firms. This allows you to control the work of employees, turnover, sales, all business processes, as well as conduct analytics. Here is a complete list of opportunities that opens up orders maintenance at any enterprise:

  • Supplies control. The maintenance system controls the processing of orders by suppliers. According to the documents, it is checked which parts, devices, goods were delivered, and whether everything is in stock.
  • Moving goods. In the program, you can track the status of the order, the movement of the device, when the request was received, which of the employees works with it, when the order is assembled and shipped, whether it was delivered to the point of issue or to the client.
  • Sales. In any work program for recording orders and sales, you can see not only the statuses of applications, but also the status of payment, in case of absence - the debt for the order and the total debt.
  • Team work. In this functionality, you can track the work of all managers, see who has overdue requests, how the order was completed, and other details. The work of each employee is analyzed based on this data.
  • Profit of the company. The system keeps track of payments for goods and device repairs. You can see the profit for each order and for a specific period of time.
  • Reporting. All data on sales and payment for services is important for the preparation of accounting reports, for sales statistics, development strategy analytics, and tax payments.
  • Reducing theft and fraud. Thanks to tracking all processes, the manager will be able to immediately see the discrepancy between the profit accounting, poor-quality work performed, shortages and determine which of the employees is stealing and disrupting orders.

All these processes cannot be implemented without systematic keeping records of orders using special programs. One of the best IT products in this area is Gincore, which is used by clients all over the world.


What are the types of orders?

The Gincore software is ideal for tracking orders in workshops, service centers, warehouses and shops. The program has the following types of orders:

  • Fast sales. This type is suitable for offline stores, when you need to quickly release the goods to the client. You take the product from the storefront and enter the serial code: enter it manually into the field or read it with a barcode scanner. The cost is charged automatically from the product card. In this section, you can choose a discount, guarantee, payment method (cash or non-cash) and which cashier to accept payment. It is also possible to print a receipt, warranty or delivery note.
  • Online store. The program has all the fields to place an order online: customer name, phone number, email, address, advertising source, product code and name, discount, quantity, purchase price, payment and delivery methods, customer comments. When delivering goods by courier or mail, you can immediately enter the destination address and print the shipment invoice
  • Repairs. This type of order is used by service centers and equipment repair shops. In this section, there is a detailed fixation of each stage of order processing - from receiving an application, device model, supply of spare parts for repair, to payment and delivery of the repaired device to its owner. You can track the status of the order and the history of its movements at any time.

The orders’ section has all the options that are used to process customer requests in various areas of the sale of goods, repairs, and the provision of services. This is a convenient functionality with a simple interface. The tool saves time on orders processing so that the company manages to complete more work quickly and efficiently.


What is an Order Manager in the Gincore program?

In Gincore there is a module Order Manager for the repair of equipment. It contains the orders of each manager in the form of a dashboard. This is a kind of table with multi-colored rectangles, which corresponds to the current status of the repair. Each square contains the repair number and the date the order was received. To see the application card, you need to click on the rectangle. The dashboard is much more convenient than a list of orders, because in such a table you can compactly place several hundred orders, see urgent ones and quickly find the required card.

Before the start of the service center work, manager (the role of "founder" in the program) indicates the maximum number of days for each stage of work: reception, diagnostics, in the process of repair, on approval, in a remote service, accepted for revision, waiting for spare parts. Only the founder manages this function. Each status is marked with a certain color, which is displayed on the general board of the manager.

For an employee with many overdue orders, the avatar is highlighted in red to attract his attention. He must urgently start processing applications. Also, through this section, you can order spare parts from the supplier for a specific device. To determine the quality of work of each subordinate, you can sort orders by manager and period, draw up a report. Detailed recording of work with orders allows excluding errors and accelerates the progress of employees.

Gincore has a module for processing and keeping records of customer orders. It contains all the functions for servicing enterprises in different fields. Working in the program is convenient for both managers and executives. Additionally, you can analyze the work of specific company processes, draw up reports, see data on sales and service provision. Once you work with Gincore, you can improve the quality of your service center in no time


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