Staff search. How to properly create vacancies on job search pages

30 april 2021

Before you start writing a vacancy, you need to prepare well. To get started, use the SWOT analysis method, which will determine the strengths and weaknesses of your company, as well as the opportunities and threats for potential candidates. Sketch a portrait of the future employee, indicating their age, gender, place of residence, education, interests, as well as values.

Another good method is to put yourself in the candidate's shoes. Imagine what you would like to see in the job of your dream job. Here you can write down the clauses:

  • location and reputation of the company,
  • team, what are the principles of work,
  • what tasks and their scope,
  • salary level, bonus system,
  • work schedule, full-time, part-time, remote collaboration,
  • what are the advantages of working in your company.


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And the third way to write a good job is to imagine that you are selling it as a product. Think about the answers to the candidate's objections in advance, write realistically, without jargon, buzzwords and clichés, use facts about the company, be sure to indicate the advantages and benefits of working with you, you can also add photos and videos of the team.

After you have prepared the necessary material, you can start writing a vacancy. To make it easier to cope with the task, there is a specific job description template. A compelling job description is important. Not only a listing of requirements, but also a small history of the company, should be in the description. It is also worth writing about prospects.

  1. Name. It is better to indicate here the key queries for which the applicant is looking for a job. Use a clear and unambiguous job title.
  2. Greetings. In a few sentences, you can write about the “pains” and interests of the candidate.
  3. Information about the company. Add a story about the goals and strategic mission of the company. It tells the candidate that he has growth plans with a bright future. Provide a link to your website or pages in social networks.
  4. Conditions. This section is one of the most important. Here you state the benefits such as:
    • Salary level, bonuses, benefits or salary range. Highly qualified candidates usually know exactly what they want, so putting in numbers will help attract them.
    • Working conditions, remote collaboration or office work.
    • Information about insurance, registration, job description, location of offices.
    • Possibility of career growth.
    • Staff teaching, trainings, courses.
    • It is desirable that there be up to 10 clauses in this section.


Написание вакансий


  1. Duties. A detailed description of the main responsibilities that employees should expect from the job is required. If responsibilities are unevenly distributed, it should be clearly stated which ones are more important. It is recommended to use verbs such as "create, decide, develop" rather than "create, lead". Tasks should answer the questions "What should be done?" and "What to do?" For example, keep records, deal with accounting, prepare and form.
  2. Requirements. Only after describing all the advantages and conditions, you can proceed to the requirements. But not before. Indicate only those key requirements, without which work in this position is impossible. These include: education, work experience, availability of special skills, etc.
  3. Call to action. What should a candidate do after reading your vacancy? Let him have a choice: write to you in the messenger, send your resume by clicking on the button below, or contact you at the indicated numbers.

And in conclusion, we recommend not stopping at creating only one text. Regularly analyze the number of applications for your vacancy. And if the text doesn't work, try changing it using different variations and wording.


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