20 ways to increase your website sales. Part two

22 april 2022

Customer trust is one of the most important factors in helping you make more sales. However, not all entrepreneurs know how to build relationships with people, give them confidence in their products and correctly nudge them to buy.

You already know that there are so-called trust points in business. They help to establish a connection with potential buyers, dispel doubts and objections. It is important for you to choose the right points, work out customer questions and use triggers correctly. These aspects may differ for each area, but you can choose several of them and implement them in your business. It will improve your service, reveal the quality of the product and build the trust of your customers.



№11. Standard product features

Many people give up shopping because of their doubts. You need to work through all objections and build the client's trust. You must present the product in a quality manner, provide a standard description, tell customers about its quality, advantages, and application.

In the course of the dialogue, identify the pain points of the person and her needs. Using this information, try not to sell a product/service, but to find a solution to her problems. The arguments used should be specific and compelling. You can use descriptions in various forms: tell about the product verbally, send a message, video review, send photos of products, schematic images.


№12. Expertise in the knowledge of the product

People trust sellers who know their product perfectly and are experts in it. If your product is not so easy to use, draw up instructions for its use, send it to your customers. Teach them how to use the product and tell them about additional features, how they can use the product better and get more value. If there are warnings or special conditions for using the product, warn your customers about this in advance.

People will love it if, in addition to the standard presentation, you do an overview of the features. By talking about product use and providing useful information, you will show concern for your customers, which will increase the level of trust.


№13. Competence of company employees

Your clients are ready to trust only experienced and competent specialists. Everyone loves being served by certified and graduated masters. The presence of specialization and highly qualified personnel increases the credit of trust. All this confirms the quality of your company's service.

You, as a leader, must influence the formation of your team, corporate culture and improve the quality of service. By working to improve your team, you can improve service and attract more customers. If people like the service, they will recommend you to their friends and help increase the number of customers.


№14. Working with partners

If you work with partners who provide some services or products, then show clients that they are professionals just like you. Tell your audience that your coworkers are delivering a quality product, they are prompt, do their job well, and meet deadlines. Also, mention how you met, what joint projects and collaborations you have.

There is another option when your partners are better known in the market than you are. Then demonstrate a connection with them, and their reputation will increase the level of trust in your company.


№15. Product positioning

It is important for you not only to launch a high-quality product on the market, but also to present it correctly. Showcase your products, talk about services, show your attitude towards your work. Your approach to your business shows people how you value your customers. All this can captivate your audience and convince you of a good attitude towards the target audience. When a person sees your activity, approach and priorities in work, he trusts you more. This method is suitable both for inexpensive goods and for the presentation of expensive products.


№16. Client pain

To impress a client, you need to influence the audience emotionally. This is possible by working through the pains, doubts, fears and desires of potential buyers. You can describe life situations, problems and cause a need for your products that will help people cope with such situations. By demonstrating services/products, you show how well you understand your customers and offer them solutions to their problems. Act on pain points in some cases, and in others, activate desires and dreams so that people emotionally want to buy your product.


№17. Compliance with deadlines

If a person needs a product today, then it must be delivered as soon as possible. Tomorrow his desire to possess your product may disappear. Your reputation will depend on how fast your delivery is and how soon you can meet a customer's needs.

Tell your audience how the buying process is going, what payment methods and delivery options are. Indicate in advance how long it will take for the goods to be transported. A person should understand when to expect his order.

Observe the deadlines in all promises and project launches: when will your site start working, when new products will appear, when will you provide useful information, what hours the consultation is open by phone. The punctuality and diligence of the company always inspires confidence.


№18. Your merits

Having good service and quality goods is not enough for success. All this requires confirmation. If you have diplomas, certificates and other awards, show them to your subscribers and tell them about your achievements. Showcase past diplomas and new awards. As soon as you have a new victory, albeit a minor one, hurry up to tell your audience about it.


№19. Most common questions

Constantly working with clients, you will be faced with the fact that they have the same questions. In order not to duplicate answers, you can create the famous FAQ list (list of the most frequently asked questions). This is an opportunity to answer pressing questions and dispel doubts. Have a section or page with such questions-answers always ready for you. You will be able to send a link to it to customers, as well as copy and send replies.

The correct work with such a tool is as follows. The question is formulated as delusion, doubt or fear. The answer to it must be confident and comprehensive.


№20. Running your own blog

Blogging and disseminating useful information confirms your expertise and competence. In addition, this is a great way to get closer to your audience, understand problems, give answers to questions, talk about relevant and painful issues, and evoke emotions. All of this adds value to your company and products.

Statistically, blogging shows that you care about your customers by giving information not only about your product, but much more that will be useful to your readers. When people see how you can solve problems and what solutions you find, it's 100% credible. You become an expert, and when a client needs help, he will come to you, knowing that you can definitely help him. By doing this, you will overtake your competitors, you will be able to get more customers and sales.




Before you want to create a landing page, online store or website, analyze your niche and competitors, as well as study the target audience. You must develop your information resources to build trust with your customers. It is not easy, but possible using trust trigger points. When you can understand your customers and give answers to their questions, guess pains and desires, solve their problems, you will become closer to your audience. Use the information right and you'll get powerful feedback.

Take another look at your website and social media profiles, work through the following questions:

  • Are you showing your audience social proof?
  • How is it displayed and how is it perceived by people?
  • Can social proof remove objections and doubts from potential buyers?
  • How well do they fit your niche?
  • Does your social proof duplicate the proof of competitors?

After reviewing the list of 20 trust points, analyze everything and select those triggers that are most relevant to you. Think about how you can incorporate them into your business. Use these techniques in your field and build trust with your customers.

When looking for ideas, don't be limited to your field. You can find ways to communicate with people in other niches, for example, in related areas. Look for interesting ideas from foreign companies. You can always adapt their innovations to suit your business.

You will need a lot of tools to showcase your company's social proof online and to work with clients. To use all of them, you will spend a lot of time, but there is an opportunity to simplify your work. Use the Gincore browser software and automate your business. This software will allow you to keep track of customers, goods, orders, finances, manage analytics, advertising, control the tasks of subordinates, track work results and business processes.

Such a tool will help you save time and improve your development strategy. Register on the Gincore website now and increase the efficiency of your company today. Soon, you will build trust with your customers, increase sales and profits without additional costs.


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