Major causes of low sales

3 november 2021

Your company is involved in the sale of goods or the provision of services, but the promotion of the business is not going as well as you would like. To organize sales, you need the following tools:

  • prepared script for employees with answers to basic and additional questions;
  • respectful attitude towards clients;
  • using appropriate sales techniques;
  • high quality of the goods or services provided.

If, using these tools, your company still has low sales, you need to analyze the situation, consider the reasons why development is hindered. By working through these issues, you can increase your sales and overall bottom line.


Causes of low sales


Reason one: lack of customer focus

The culture of communication with clients is still poorly developed in various countries. In some stores and retail outlets, sellers occasionally behave arrogantly, are rude, and in problem situations they never enter into the position of the client. This not only spoils the relationship with a specific person, but also spoils the entire image of the company in which the seller works.

If you see that sales are not going well at your firm, try to figure out how you and your sellers communicate with buyers. Listen to them on the sales floor while advising customers, and listen to call center phone recordings. After that, analyze the answers of your subordinates, how tolerant, competent they are, what their mood is and with what intonation they talk with clients. Analyze which responses scare people away and don't push people to buy.

Pay attention to everything and work out the following points of the service:

  • sellers should be genuinely committed to helping customers;
  • if necessary, you can postpone the service for another time or postpone the goods for a specific person;
  • how to speed up the delivery of purchases;
  • is it possible to change the product for another;
  • is it possible to fulfill the individual wishes of buyers.

After monitoring the work of your staff, having identified the problems, start fixing them. Ultimately, take care of the comfort of your customers and improve your service by making it enjoyable for people. If, working with your company, people not only purchase goods, order services from you, but also receive a polite and attentive service, they will come back to you and recommend your company to their friends. By making the service attractive to people, you will automatically increase sales.

To improve the quality of service, introduce an individual approach when working with each client. Caring for people is key in this strategy. You can not only provide basic services to the company, sell products, but also send polite notifications, offer coffee in the waiting queue, show a friendly attitude towards customers.

Since the Gincore maintenance program has a customer database, SMS notification services are connected, you can always prepare message templates in advance and notify customers about the status of their order. Also, this option will help you inform potential buyers about new products, discounts, bonuses. This way, you can build trust in your brand and increase sales.


Reason two: insufficiently presented value of goods and services

Experienced managers argue that they are not really selling products or services, but their value. If the purchase did not take place, it means that the seller has poorly presented the value of the product, and the client has not yet decided whether he needs this product or not.

To demonstrate the value of a product, explain to the customer how the product will improve their life and what problems it can solve. If you do not explain the value at first, then it will be more difficult to sell the product in the future. You can use the following techniques:

  • study the needs and pains of the client in order to select the appropriate selling technique;
  • talk about the benefits that a person will receive from using goods and services;
  • show expert knowledge, talk about the functions and usefulness of products;
  • sincerely show concern and a desire to help the buyer, and not just sell the product for the sake of money.


Reason three: too large target audience

According to statistics from international sales research, more than half of the target audience will never become real buyers. Some entrepreneurs falsely think that by increasing the target audience, the number of sales will also increase. However, in this case, you should study how capable this audience is to use the services and buy goods from your company. An increasing number of audience does not always lead to an increase in sales.

If you are analyzing your target audience and selecting tools for attracting customers, choose something that will help you not to increase the number of people, but to increase the number of quality leads. Spend your resources right and use them to implement ideas.

With the help of Gincore, you can connect various advertising channels, see which of them customers are coming from, and then increase the volume of work with the most effective sources. Also in the program you can connect Google Analytics to get data on statistics and analytics. This will help you choose the right target audience and relevant advertising channels to improve business performance in the future.


Eliminating the causes of low sales


Reason four: not all sales steps are applied

A successful purchase goes through 5 stages. You must walk the client through all of these steps for a deal to take place. If you skip a step, then a person may doubt the decision and refuse to purchase.

Work with your team, consider different sales techniques, and commit to using at least the classic scheme:

  1. Establishing contact with the client.
  2. Determination of human needs.
  3. Presentation of goods or services.
  4. Working out objections.
  5. Conclusion of the transaction.

Using this technique, your salespeople will be able to work better with customers, which means they will be able to make more sales.


Reason five: lack of urgency

If a person can buy a product today, tomorrow, or later, he will have more time to think and look for reasons to abandon the purchase. According to research, if a person has not made a purchase within 2 weeks after meeting a company, he will not make it later. In the future, there will be other proposals of competitors, interest will cool down, shortcomings of the product or conditions will emerge, other needs and situations will arise, for which funds are urgently needed.

To close the deal, marketers recommend creating an urgency situation and developing a sales funnel for it. It should warm up the interest in the client, captivate him and lead to a purchase as quickly as possible. The following situations are perfect for this:

  • the offer is limited in time;
  • minimum batch of goods;
  • high popularity of products;
  • seasonal demand;
  • reduced price that will rise soon.


Eliminating the causes of low sales

Now you know what are the major causes of low sales and how to eliminate them. You, as a leader, need to understand them and start working on them. Then conduct trainings and master classes in your team, improve the qualifications of sellers, motivate them to develop and increase sales. Using the Gincore software, you will receive many tools to automate your business, be able to solve many problems and increase work efficiency.


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