Gincore April 2024 Update: Enhanced Cash Management Features, Expanded Serial Number Control, and Optimized Customer Documents

30 april 2024

In the latest update, Gincore has introduced significant improvements and fixes aimed at optimizing user workflows and enhancing business process management efficiency. Here are the key changes that will help you better manage operations, increase data accuracy, and improve customer service.



New Features and Improvements

  • Payment Refund Automation. When processing a refund for a customer's order, the system allowed to choose any of the created fiscal cash registers. Now, the system automatically selects the cash register from which the payment was made. This prevents errors in financial operations and simplifies the refund process to the customer.
  • Manual Entry of Serial Numbers. Added the ability to specify the serial number of the item being received from the production order.
  • Choice of Item Location in Warehouse. When shipping a serial number in a customer's order, the system provided a choice of the warehouse from which the binding would be conducted, now users can not only choose the warehouse but also a specific warehouse location from which the serial number of the item will be bound.
  • Personalization of Printed Documents. Added a new variable {{manager}} to user printed documents, which will pull the name of the manager into the template. Similarly for {{engineer}} or {{accepter}}.
  • Quick Creation of New Devices. A new device name can now be created directly in the customer's order. A “+” button has been added to the device name field, which when clicked opens a card for creating a new device.
  • Tracking Changes in the Order. Any changes in custom fields are now automatically recorded in the live order feed, providing better control over changes.
  • Individual Customization of Cash Register Display Order. Users can individually customize the order of cash register displays, considering their preferences and workflow.
  • Simplified Search by Serial Number. Now it is possible to search for orders by only the first or last four digits of the serial number, speeding up the search for necessary orders.
  • Managing Customer Information. A birthday field has been added to the customer card. This allows for creating a list of birthday celebrants to send congratulatory messages and discount offers on their birthday.
  • Displaying Customer Turnover. A column with the customer's turnover has been added to the customer list, allowing assessment of the financial activity of the customer.
  • History of Changes in the Employee Card. The employee card now has access to a history of changes, enhancing transparency in user settings management.


Bug Fixes

  • Management of Fields in the Customer Card. New fields in the customer card now immediately have a deletion button, avoiding the need to refresh the page.
  • Closing Gaps in Order Statuses. Fixed the possibility of erroneously changing the status of an order to "Transferred to Donors" if goods had been received for the order.
  • Correct Fiscalization of Payments. Fixed an issue with linking virtual non-cash registers to fiscal ones, ensuring proper payment registration.
  • Control of Sending Fiscal Receipts. Fiscal receipts are now sent to the customer's email only by their choice, avoiding unwanted distribution. (Available after activating corporate email feature)
  • Display of Goods Movement History. The history of movements is now displayed even for unavailable warehouses, ensuring full accounting of movements.
  • Stability of Goods Reservation. Fixed an error where the reservation of goods would be lost when shipping a similar item in another order.
  • Improvements in the Mobile Version. In the mobile version of the program, the filter button and transaction numbers in the Accounting > Transactions section are now displayed correctly.


This update is aimed at simplifying workflows, improving accounting, and providing better service to customers. For more detailed information, we recommend reviewing the improvements in the Gincore system. Register for free.


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