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7 april 2016

In service centers, stores, workshops and service companies, work is built on the interaction of your subordinates with customers. The opinion of people about your company and whether the client will recommend your service to his acquaintances depends on the quality of the service provided by the employees.

Often, business leaders do not even know how their subordinates serve people, how they communicate, in what tone, how reserved and polite they are. If a conflict arises, a service center employee behaves rudely and communicates in a bad mood, the client will no longer return to your company and will not recommend your services to anyone. You may not know about such a situation, and this will negatively affect the development of your enterprise.

Service quality control in any business should never be overlooked. There are many tools for checking employee performance. If you use the Gincore program, then today you can view the tardy log, feedback on the work of employees, order processing and their terms, the rating of employees and the company as a whole. Let's take a closer look at the staff performance assessment widget and see what it affects.


How to connect the employee assessment widget

Gincore has various widgets. One of them is Employee Feedback. To find it, go to the "More" section and click on the "Widgets" module. It has several options. You can copy the code of the feedback widget and paste it into your website. When connecting a pop-up window, you can adjust the following settings:

  • background color;
  • text color;
  • the address of the site where the widget will be placed;
  • appearance - compact or rounded;
  • button location;
  • transparency;
  • indents.

After installing the widget, a small window will appear on the site. When a client clicks on it, he will be shown a form in which he can rate the staff and evaluate the quality of the service. It has basic parameters:

  • evaluate the work of the manager;
  • evaluate the work of the employee who issued the device after repair;
  • evaluate the operator with whom you talked on the phone;
  • leave a comment on the feedback.


How the subordinate performance assessment widget works

The Gincore system has an employee rating. It is indicated in the employee's profile under the avatar in the upper left corner. In addition, there is a general rating of the company, which is the sum of the ratings of all personnel and is divided by the number of subordinates. In the main section of the program, you can see these business metrics.

After installing the performance assessment widget, you can check the box next to the option "Send SMS to clients asking for feedback on staff performance." After using the services, your clients will receive a notification asking them to share their experience with your company. They will be able to rate all employees with whom they have contacted.

Thus, employees receive ratings directly from customers, depending on the quality of the service provided. It is important to note that staff salaries depend on this rating. Now, every employee will be interested in getting a good rating, which means they will strive to serve customers well and do everything possible to make them happy.

Since customers can leave comments on their feedback, you will be able to read them. If you see unsatisfied comments, you can learn more about this situation and take action to improve the service. You will also be aware of conflicts and understand which of your subordinates is performing poorly. You will be able to think about how to improve the work and focus your efforts on improving the quality of your company's service.


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